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Leopold Mozart Biography

Johann Georg Leopold Mozart (November 14, 1719 - May 28, 1787) was a composer, music teacher and violinist. He was born in the City of Augsburg, in the Swabian part of the Dukedom of Bavaria, was legal citizen of the Diocese of Salzburg, but spent a lot of time in Vienna, Austria, (all within the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation). He is best known today for being the father and teacher of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but was a well-known figure himself in his own time.


Leopold Mozart was born on November 14, 1719 in Augsburg (today Germany), the son of a bookbinder. He studied theology at Salzburg University, but was more interested in music, becoming violinist and valet to one of the university's canons, Count Thurn und Taxis, in 1740. In 1747 he married Anna Maria Pertl, who bore him seven children, although only two of them survived: Maria Anna Wallburga Ignatia (called 'Nannerl') and Wolfgang Amadeus. In 1756, the same year as Wolfgang Amadeus' birth, Leopold wrote his Versuch einer gründlichen Violinschule, a comprehensive treatise on violin playing. Today it is one of the main sources on performance practice in the 18th century, along with Johann Joachim Quantz's Versuch einer Anweisung die Flöte traversière zu spielen (on flute playing) and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's Versuch über die wahre Art das Clavier zu spielen (on keyboard playing). His popular 'Cassation in G for Orchestra and Toys' (Toy Symphony) was once attributed to Joseph Haydn.

Leopold Mozart died on May 28, 1787, in Salzburg, today Austria.

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Trumpet Concerto in D Major "By Leopold Mozart (1719-1787). Edited by Alexander Weinmann. For Trumpet, Piano. Sheet Music. Published by Edition Kunzelmann"

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Sinfonia di caccia G-Dur "(""Jagdsinfonie""). By Leopold Mozart (1719-1787). Edited by Gabor Darvas. For string orchestra and 4 horns (horn I-IV, 4 violin I, 4 violin II, 2 violas, 4 cellos/double bass). This edition: CON 100-50. Orchestra Music. Concertino (Chamber Orchestra). G

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Sinfonia di caccia G-Dur "(""Jagdsinfonie""). By Leopold Mozart (1719-1787). Edited by Gabor Darvas. For string orchestra and 4 horns. This edition: CON 100. Orchestra Music. Concertino (Chamber Orchestra). Grade 3-4. Score. 20 pages. Duration 13 minutes. Published by Schott Musi

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Notebook for Wolfgang (A Selection of the Easiest Pieces). By Leopold Mozart (1719-1787). Arranged by Heinz Schungeler. Schott. 28 pages. Schott Music #ED3718. Published by Schott Music

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Leopold Mozart - Notebook for Nannerl (Piano). By Leopold Mozart (1719-1787). Edited by Stefan Simon. Piano. Schott. Softcover. 80 pages. Schott Music #ED9006. Published by Schott Music

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Romp a la Mozart "By Leopold Mozart (1719-1787). Arranged by Janis Yarbrough. For Piano. Masterworks; Piano Trio (1 Piano, 6 Hands); Trio. Baroque; Classical; Masterwork Arrangement. Late Elementary. Sheet. 10 pages. Published by Alfred Music Publishing"

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Twelve Little Pieces from the Notebook of Wolfgang Mozart By Leopold Mozart (1719-1787). For Violin. Masterworks; String - Violin and Piano. Kalmus Edition. Baroque; Children; Classical; Masterwork. Book. 24 pages. Published by Alfred Music Publishing

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Concerto for Trumpet "(Trumpet in B-Flat and Piano with Piano Accompaniment On CD). By Leopold Mozart (1719-1787). Edited by Timothy Morrison. For Trumpet Solo, Piano. Carl Fischer CD Solo Series. Grade 3 Achievement Level. Score and audio CD. Standard notation. 11 pages. Pub

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Concerto En Re Majeur (Concerto in D Major) "By Leopold Mozart (1719-1787). For Trumpet, Piano / Organ. Standard notation. Duration 9 minutes, 25 seconds. Published by Gerard Billaudot Editeur"

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Nannerl Notenbuch (1759) "By Leopold Mozart (1719-1787). Edited by Erich Valentin. For Piano. Edited, with a preface by Erich Valentin (Text Language: German). Sheet Music. Text Language: German. Published by Heinrichshofen Verlag"

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Twelve Duets By Leopold Mozart (1719-1787). For Violin. Duet or Duo; Masterworks; String - 2 Violins. Kalmus Edition. Baroque; Classical; Masterwork. Book. 16 pages. Published by Alfred Music Publishing

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