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Drum Riffs 

Welcome to 8notes drum riffs. This section contains over 1500 drum riffs uploaded by Members. Try out our riff generator or add you own riffs

Then add chords with our Groove generator

Popular drum riffs

 Added by Piece Title Rating
1.  patrickpatrick i dont know  
2.  kajundrummer Double Bass Jam 
3.  Doori Ta Ta 
4.  Doori Dry Sun 
5.  kajundrummer Thomas Groove 
6.  kajundrummer Finish what you started 
7.  kajundrummer Jambalaya 
8.  kajundrummer The Best I Ever Can 
9.  kajundrummer When the levee Breaks 
10.  joecool_dl WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! 
11.  KajunTiNeg MIghty To Save  
12.   dforero818 Walk This Way 
13.  kajundrummer random 
14.  Percussionist026 something i play for fun.. 
15.  littledrummerboy96 Hotel California 
16.  kajundrummer black dog 
17.  Jammie Intro of Mighty to Save 
18.   drummer0 Metal in 3 
19.   Glortziii Dance, Dance(real) 
20.  kajundrummer double diddle 

Recently Added

DateAdded by Piece Title
17/11   qwereq 1.3 
17/11   awesomebob12 everything at once 
17/11   awesomebob12 epical 
9/11   qwereq 1.0 
2/11   sandc411 latin songo sort of 
29/10   tommi_nz The Script - Hall of Fame 
28/10   DrumScars Double Bass Latin Beat 
27/10   awesomebob12 Awesomeness 
25/10   awesomebob12 CrazyDrummer 
5/10   darrg random 
13/9   takeo azeazezaeaz 
11/9   rockcod IMMIGRANT SONG 
10/9   rockcod ANGULAR 
8/9   MikeJ77P Dance beat 
8/9   MikeJ77P Double Paradiddle half time 
8/9   MikeJ77P Up-tempo thingy. 
8/9   MikeJ77P Danny Carey-Eulogy groove 
7/9   MikeJ77P Polyrhythmic juggling 
7/9   MikeJ77P Groove 1 
31/8   Hanigraf 16 Beat 

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