Latin Drum Riffs

    Latin Drum Riffs 

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 Added by Piece Title Rating
17/6  efforta basic salsa 
21/11   Kurmitthegorf15 aerh 
2/11   sandc411 latin songo sort of 
28/10   DrumScars Double Bass Latin Beat 
6/1   DaPurpleHippo Afrocuban reggae 
12/11   dscearcemiles first 
13/9   Lewrhythm So where to now 
8/1   rashid360 Lactic groove 
7/11   Soraen Played by an octopus 
8/10   martinsaiza ss 
15/6  TheRev1019 A7X Almost Easy  
7/4   auslander bos i nov 
12/3   robin12 fast and easy 
12/3   robin12 spice up that rock 
4/3  aBe5 salsa 
28/2   mabusman Latin Jazz Bossa Nova 
14/1   Superandomness Fooling Around 
8/1   ncw234 Latin Beat 
23/12   sandc411 bossa in 5 
19/8   dforero818 Conga!! 

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