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20 Most Recently Active Threads
27 Jul
  Wooden Clarinet   Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hi. I am 12 years old and have played clarinet for about two years. I am fairly advanced on it. I w...
27 Jul
  Subscriber issues   Posted in Site Support Forum
Hi there... I am a subscriber and have been for a long time but I keep getting a message pop up and ...
27 Jul
  Clarinet to Oboe   Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hi. I would like to know if it is easy to switch from clarinet to oboe and other double reed instrum...
27 Jul
  Highest note   Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hi. Just real quick, what is the highest note on a B flat clarinet, what is its fingering, and wher...
25 Jul
  Renner - World`s Largest Purely Piano Parts Maker   Posted in Piano Forum
This month on Piano Price Point we interview Clemens von Arnim from Renner Piano - arguably the most...
23 Jul
  Bringing H200 descant with me on Europe trip - anyone interested in buying it before I return?   Posted in Horn Forum
I'm trying to figure out a creative solution to the old problem of how to keep in practice while...
23 Jul
  ClarinetFest 2015   Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hi, the ClarinetFest 2015 will be placed in Madrid (Spain). More info on T...
21 Jul
  New to the Alto Saxophone    Posted in Saxophone Forum
I am new to the Alto Later in life age 53, no musical background but always, always loved Jazz and t...
21 Jul
  Silver Selmer Manhattan (c1930)    Posted in Trumpet Forum
I have a Selmer Manhattan small bore, silver trumpet that I have had since a kid (which was a very, ...
21 Jul
  Halifax Trumpet ??   Posted in Trumpet Forum
I bought this trumpet in 1985 and I have no information about it except that it was sold as a medium...
21 Jul
  Vintage Besson New Creation   Posted in Trumpet Forum
Is anyone interested in buying a vintage Besson New Creation trumpet in excellent condition with mod...
16 Jul
  Old Armstrong Heritage Alto Flute   Posted in Flute Forum
I have an old Armstrong Heritage alto flute (inline) that I bought used in the early 1980s. There i...

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