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20 Most Recently Active Threads
2 Sep
  Transcribing Music    Posted in Piano Forum
Greetings everyone, A year ago, I started transcribing video game music and movie scores into pian...
2 Sep
  Do any mods read the thrads on here?   Posted in General Forum
This board along with much of the forum appears to be plagued with spam. I joined two days ago and s...
1 Sep
  Disney Songs   Posted in Recorder Forum
Hi I am looking for Disney Songs, I have most of frozen songs, but i would love some other classics,...
1 Sep
  Score and parts.   Posted in Site Support Forum
Wondering if I'm having a problem with the site or what. I'm sure that underneath the music ...
30 Aug
  Best guitar amps for beginners? (Thinking about a pocket amp)   Posted in Guitar Forum
What are the best amps for beginners? I am not a beginner when it comes to playing guitar, but I am ...
28 Aug
  What is Trance music?   Posted in General Forum
My friend told me yesterday that he listens to Trance music. Is this a Trance song? https://soundcl...
28 Aug
  Does piano difficult to learn?   Posted in Piano Forum
Hi Friends.. I just wanna learn to play piano. Is it difficult to learn and how much it does cost? I...
24 Aug
  wanting to learn recorder , treble , descant ??   Posted in Recorder Forum
Hi I have been wanting to learn a woodwind instrument for a while I play congas and ukulele I cant r...
23 Aug
  Register key   Posted in Clarinet Forum
Well I finally done it!!..ok I'm a raw beginner on the clarinet , but a musician of long standi...
23 Aug
  Jazz clarinet for a beginner?   Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hello all, I've recently decided to take up the clarinet. I'm an avid jazz drummer and guit...
22 Aug
  I can no longer download MIDI files without QuickTime being shoved in my face. Help?   Posted in Site Support Forum
Last time I was logged in this site I was able to upload all sorts of tabs made in Notepad, upload t...

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