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20 Most Recently Active Threads
17 Sep
  What is Trance music?   Posted in General Forum
My friend told me yesterday that he listens to Trance music. Is this a Trance song? https://soundcl...
15 Sep
  looking for a new horn.(Alexander200.103)    Posted in Horn Forum
I am looking a new horn. I tried Alexander 200 and 103. I know 103 are popular model but I think it...
14 Sep
  What is your favorite Muscial Instrument?   Posted in Piano Forum
Hello Firnds, Do you want to share your favorite musical instruments and experiences with them with ...
13 Sep
  Fluted French Horn Mouthpiece?   Posted in Horn Forum
I found this interesting looking 3D-printed horn mouthpiece on Shapeways:
2 Sep
  Transcribing Music    Posted in Piano Forum
Greetings everyone, A year ago, I started transcribing video game music and movie scores into pian...
2 Sep
  Do any mods read the thrads on here?   Posted in General Forum
This board along with much of the forum appears to be plagued with spam. I joined two days ago and s...
1 Sep
  Disney Songs   Posted in Recorder Forum
Hi I am looking for Disney Songs, I have most of frozen songs, but i would love some other classics,...
1 Sep
  Score and parts.   Posted in Site Support Forum
Wondering if I'm having a problem with the site or what. I'm sure that underneath the music ...
30 Aug
  Best guitar amps for beginners? (Thinking about a pocket amp)   Posted in Guitar Forum
What are the best amps for beginners? I am not a beginner when it comes to playing guitar, but I am ...
28 Aug
  Does piano difficult to learn?   Posted in Piano Forum
Hi Friends.. I just wanna learn to play piano. Is it difficult to learn and how much it does cost? I...

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