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Recent Posts

20 Most Recently Active Threads
1 Sep
  Buying an instrument   Posted in General Forum
Hey people, I'm buying a new horn, and I need a tip on selecting the right one. Right now I play...
1 Sep
  Mouthpiece-Which One Would Be Easier   Posted in Horn Forum
After playing Horn for exactly two months, I was tormented by being fitted with braces (top only). D...
1 Sep
  Nickel allergy strikes again   Posted in Horn Forum
I'm not sure if I posted that I switched from the Laskey to a Houser. Turns out that the Laskey...
30 Aug
  Difficulty with middle C and B only   Posted in Clarinet Forum
I've been having issues with hitting middle C and B. I can play higher no problem but when those...
30 Aug
  Can pitting corrosion on a flute be poisonous?   Posted in Flute Forum
I have a 40 y.o. Artley, closed hole, plated flute (very basic, nothing fancy) which plays well but ...
29 Aug
  Highest note   Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hi. Just real quick, what is the highest note on a B flat clarinet, what is its fingering, and wher...
29 Aug
  New Horn student--instrument recommendations?   Posted in Horn Forum
My ten year old son is starting French Horn lessons this fall, we may rent a horn initially but I am...
26 Aug
  Tips for beginning/intermediate   Posted in Flute Forum
Hey. I am 12 years old. I have played flute on and of for a couple of years. It was actually my fir...
21 Aug
  WRONG SIZE Open-Hole Flute Plugs   Posted in Flute Forum
I think that I have put in too big of plugs into my open-hole flute. I popped them down into the flu...
17 Aug
  Clarinet to bassoon   Posted in Bassoon Forum
I was wondering if it would be easy to go from clarinet to bassoon and tips if I do. Also, if I buy ...
15 Aug
  IV International Violin Competition   Posted in Violin Forum
Torun Symphony Orchestra is pleased to announce the next
10 Aug
  Valve Guard and Using Brasso on Inner Slides   Posted in Trumpet Forum
What type, if any, valve guard would you all recommend? Also, when cleaning trumpet is it advisable...
10 Aug
  Question about wax and tenons?   Posted in Bassoon Forum
So as of the end of the school year, I have been playing on a brand new Fox bassoon. This bassoon is...

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