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Recent Posts

20 Most Recently Active Threads
24 May
  Clarinet fingering   Posted in Clarinet Forum
I am a new clarinet player and just bought a new YamahaYCL-450N. According to fingering chart, if Yo...
23 May
  I`m experiencing extreme difficulties with horn playing. Help?   Posted in Horn Forum
Around one and a half weeks ago, I started encountering problems with my ability to play horn. I tho...
21 May
  Hello from a beginner   Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hello everyone. I've just bought myself a clarinet and I'm learning the key combinations for...
20 May
  third octave Bb having problems playing   Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hi everyone, New to the site. Was wondering if anyone could help me. I'm an experience clarinet...
19 May
  The F side of my double horn plays harder than the B Flat side.   Posted in Horn Forum
I am returning to the horn after a nearly 40 year hiatus, and am re-learning on a used Conn 6D doubl...
16 May
  Bach cello suites 1 prelude   Posted in Cello Forum
So I'm playing the Bach suites and I've got the notes and rhythms down and everything and no...
16 May
  Do Cello strings break easily   Posted in Cello Forum
Just got a 3/4 cello. How delicate are cello strings compared to guitar strings? I heard the A strin...
15 May
  Beginner Player   Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hi everyone, I've played sax for 4 year, flute 5 years and bassoon for a little over a year, all...

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