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20 Most Recently Active Threads
26 Dec
  Kopprasch   Posted in Horn Forum
At what point should the novice player begin work on Kopprasch?...
23 Dec
  How far I got cello strings.   Posted in Cello Forum
I got my C string up to F#. I got the g up to C. Cello string can at least go up a fourth on a 4/4 ...
23 Dec
  Do Cello strings break easily   Posted in Cello Forum
Just got a 3/4 cello. How delicate are cello strings compared to guitar strings? I heard the A strin...
16 Dec
  What`s the highest (actually beautiful) french horn note you`ve heard in a score?   Posted in Horn Forum
I don't play the French Horn, but I find it to be the most beautiful and interesting instrument....
14 Dec
  Scheherazade   Posted in Flute Forum
Orchestra Omaha is doing Scheherazade in a month. I'll be playing the picc part. Practicing da...
12 Dec
  Powell Signature v. Haynes Fusion   Posted in Flute Forum
I've recently ( well not recently) seriously begun thinking about upgrading my flute in the next...
12 Dec
  What have I purchased? :-/   Posted in Flute Forum
Hi all! I recently decided that i would like to learn the flute and purchased a secondhand one. I ha...
12 Dec
  OK to put pad paper under closed keys when not playing?   Posted in Flute Forum
Is it OK to put pad paper under closed keys when not playing the flute? It seems to keep moisture a...
12 Dec
  A=440 versus A=442   Posted in Flute Forum
Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and have a question regarding a new flute, specifically Mura...
12 Dec
  Yamaha YPC-81R Piccolo   Posted in Flute Forum
Hey! I currently play on a Pearl PFP 105 grenaditte piccolo and I'm looking to upgrade to the ...
12 Dec
  Middle octave cracking?   Posted in Flute Forum
Usually when I play in the middle octave, I get a good, clear note without any cracking. However sin...
12 Dec
  Muramatsu EX for beginner?   Posted in Flute Forum
Hi, my 9 year old daughter has been playing flute for almost 2 years. She is using a second hand fl...
12 Dec
  anyone read this?   Posted in Flute Forum
I was hoping this group would be a place to discuss all things flute, sadly it appears to not be ver...
8 Dec
  Temperature drop   Posted in Bassoon Forum
I wonder how concerned I have to be about a temperature drop of my bassoon. As an example, after vi...
7 Dec
  Change music composition by tercet   Posted in Composition Forum
We can change the composition to make one tercet as a quarter note into three of an eighth note. B...
7 Dec
  Christina Grimmie from The Voice has a great new single!   Posted in Popular Music Forum
If you watch The Voice, you may have heard of Christina Grimmie. While she didn't win her season...

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