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Recent Posts

20 Most Recently Active Threads
4 Jul
  Name of Part   Posted in Trumpet Forum
I have lost a part to my Holton Galaxy b-flat. Can't remember part name but it's a long sil...
4 Jul
  How old is ok?   Posted in Flute Forum
I'm looking into buying a used piccolo but since I've only ever played flute so I'm not ...
4 Jul
  Piccolo for Marching Band (College student price range)   Posted in Flute Forum
So I know there are so many topics out of the Internet about this but I need some opinions. I am a c...
3 Jul
  Can someone please help me with my embouchure?   Posted in Trumpet Forum
I practice my trumpet every day, hoping to expand my range. I also try to get nice clear sounds so i...
2 Jul
  French Horn Identification Help    Posted in Horn Forum
I recently started horn (about a year ago) and I want to identify it. It is old and does not have an...
2 Jul
  Types of trumpets   Posted in Trumpet Forum
Hi I'm new here, I plan on starting to play the trumpet and I'm told that there are differ...
1 Jul
  two pages on same screen   Posted in General Forum
Hi - I'm a bit digitally illiterate and would like to be able to see two pages of music on the s...
28 Jun
  Valve Guard and Using Brasso on Inner Slides   Posted in Trumpet Forum
What type, if any, valve guard would you all recommend? Also, when cleaning trumpet is it advisable...
28 Jun
  Jazz clarinet for a beginner?   Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hello all, I've recently decided to take up the clarinet. I'm an avid jazz drummer and guit...
26 Jun
  Mouthpiece Help?   Posted in Horn Forum
I'm looking to get a new mouthpiece for my horn and I'm torn between a Laskey 725G and a 75G...
26 Jun
  Noisy rotary valves   Posted in Horn Forum
I play a school-owned Holton H378 horn currently, and I wonder if there's an effective way to pr...
20 Jun
  Azumi vs. Powell   Posted in Flute Forum
I tried out different flutes and I'm torn. I cannot chose between the Azumi and the Powell. Can ...
19 Jun
  Tuner/Transposer App for learners   Posted in Cello Forum
Might be of use to beginners as there seem to be a lot of questions in this forum from self starters...
19 Jun
  Hello from a beginner   Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hello everyone. I've just bought myself a clarinet and I'm learning the key combinations for...
19 Jun
  Conn 6D authentication help   Posted in Horn Forum
I recently bought a vintage conn 6d Elkhart off of eBay and when it arrived it seemed alittle off. I...

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