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Recent Posts

20 Most Recently Active Threads
22 Apr
  Transposing   Posted in Horn Forum
Hi As many af you probably know horn players transpose a lot. Do you have some tips on how to think ...
22 Apr
  Anyone know or have this violin practice Software?    Posted in Violin Forum video name C# Violin Software if you cant find or ha...
16 Apr
  Embouchure Problems?   Posted in Horn Forum
So, I've been playing horn for about four months, and I think I'm pretty decent at it. Recen...
15 Apr
  Third octave   Posted in Oboe Forum
Hello! I cannot get some tones from third octave. I am a beginner, please do not shout!!!
14 Apr
  Ian Clarke. Deep Blue   Posted in Flute Forum
Does anybody have Ian Clarke Deep Blue notes. I need it for performance. If you have it can you send...
13 Apr
  Transcribing Music    Posted in Piano Forum
Greetings everyone, A year ago, I started transcribing video game music and movie scores into pian...
13 Apr
  How old is ok?   Posted in Flute Forum
I'm looking into buying a used piccolo but since I've only ever played flute so I'm not ...
13 Apr
  Is it possible to look attractive while playing the oboe?   Posted in Oboe Forum
I've played in a youth orchestra as an oboist for a year and a bit now, and every time I have my...
9 Apr
  What is your favorite Muscial Instrument?   Posted in Piano Forum
Hello Firnds, Do you want to share your favorite musical instruments and experiences with them with ...
30 Mar
  Cello Beginner - Introduction and challenges of learning without a teacher   Posted in Cello Forum
Hello & Seasons Greetings! I bought a Cello for my 50th birthday but have not found a local teache...
26 Mar
  Please Help :`(   Posted in Cello Forum
I have had a cello for about a half year now, and I am still not able to tune it! Always when i tune...
25 Mar
  Need help identifying this trombone   Posted in Trombone Forum
Hi everyone. My name is Zachary, and I am new to the forum here. The reason I joined is because I am...
25 Mar
  Type of music needed for a religious wedding ceremony   Posted in Piano Forum
If you need a religious wedding ceremony, picking the wedding music is not an exceptionally difficul...

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