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3 Feb
  Famous Classical pieces for cello solo (melody and accompaniment in same time) Video and PDF    Posted in Cello Forum
Helo I'm a French porfessional cellist living in Japan. Playing classical Pop and Ethnic music, ...
30 Jan
  Re: Subscriber issues    Posted in Site Support Forum
Hi I'm sorry for the confusion, this was because you used a different email on your paypal accou...
27 Jan
  Re: Violin sheet music - FROZEN    Posted in Violin Forum
I find the following notes work: DEF CAG FDDDDEF DEF CAG FGAABbAFGF for the chorus. Chords are com...
27 Jan
  Re: ///////s\\\\\\\    Posted in Piano Forum
26 Jan
  Re: Very basic question    Posted in Horn Forum
I don't have personal experience with it but there is software that will do the transposing for ...
26 Jan
  Re: Apartment practicing?    Posted in Horn Forum
try playing in unused area of university... gym locker rooms, fire escape halls, utility room etc,...
26 Jan
  Re: Hey,im new.and a question on trios.    Posted in General Forum
Trumpet and clarinet are Bb instruments. French Horn is F instrument. If you look at band ensembl...
18 Jan
  Re: old horn player    Posted in Horn Forum
Well a lot depends on you. You could use the tenor horn and it wouldn't bother me in most piece...
18 Jan
  Re: Conn 6d or 8d?    Posted in Horn Forum
The 6D is pretty distinctive with three bigger valves for the fingers and then the noticeably smalle...
12 Jan
  Re: Cancelling auto renew    Posted in Site Support Forum
Hi - I received your email with the same question and have responded via email. Let me know if you ...
12 Jan
  Re: Trumpet help please    Posted in Trumpet Forum
Cheers Ian ...
6 Jan
  Re: Haydn flute concerto in D major    Posted in Flute Forum
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