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Recent Posts

20 Most Recently Active Threads
1 Mar
  Playing Alto Recorder with a Flute Player   Posted in Recorder Forum
I play a boxwood Moeck Rottenberg alto recorder at church. About a year ago, a flute player joined u...
27 Feb
  Sound   Posted in Site Support Forum
Just subscribed to site - don't seem to have a sound control icon on my sheet music pages and so...
19 Feb
  Beginner choosing Gliga, please help!   Posted in Violin Forum
Hello, I've read some of your posts about choosing a violin for beginners. It seems that there&...
18 Feb
  Possible Problem With New Yamaha Soprano YRS-24B Recorder   Posted in Recorder Forum
Hello, I'm a newbie to the forum and recorder ... I just got mine from Musician's Friend ......
16 Feb
  Brass playing in a small apartment   Posted in Horn Forum
I just finished school and have moved into an apartment. This is very strange for me since I've ...
13 Feb
  Welcome back to old forum members   Posted in Flute Forum
Hi Kate! Hi Suzi!...
9 Feb
  Embouchure and bite   Posted in Horn Forum
I've been told by multiple dentists I have a very unusual bite, though my teeth are in the align...
9 Feb
  Transposing   Posted in Horn Forum
Hi As many af you probably know horn players transpose a lot. Do you have some tips on how to think ...
9 Feb
  Problem with my French Horn tune   Posted in Horn Forum
Hey! I have a big problem with my french horn tune.. EVERY note is too flat (low) in 0.5 - 1 tone! I...
9 Feb
  Is playing on the side of my mouth bad?   Posted in Horn Forum
My band director switched me from trumpet to french horn two days ago, and I was wondering if it was...
9 Feb
  The F side of my double horn plays harder than the B Flat side.   Posted in Horn Forum
I am returning to the horn after a nearly 40 year hiatus, and am re-learning on a used Conn 6D doubl...
9 Feb
  What`s the highest (actually beautiful) french horn note you`ve heard in a score?   Posted in Horn Forum
I don't play the French Horn, but I find it to be the most beautiful and interesting instrument....

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