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29 Nov
  Re: strange buzzing sound    Posted in Trombone Forum
Hi ...
24 Nov
  Hot underground rock stations    Posted in Rock Music Forum
I don't know about anyone else but there seems to be a shortage of great rock stations around th...
23 Nov
  Re: Clarinet to Oboe    Posted in Clarinet Forum
With the oboe, you will have way more opportunities than with the clarinet (that being said, you cou...
17 Nov
  Re: Trumpet case smells musty    Posted in Trumpet Forum
Fire is the only thing that is 100% guaranteed to cure this problem. Please take the trumpet out of ...
13 Nov
  Re: Synwin or Eurostring Violin    Posted in Violin Forum
Here is a link to Synwin- That is their homepage. Good luck!
12 Nov
  Re: Best chat application to put on a website?    Posted in General Forum
Hi there peeps! We are also using Rumbletalk and yeah it is the best! I recommend it to everyone! ...
12 Nov
  Re: Head voice problem.    Posted in Voice Forum
HI, For the larynx i would suggest some vocalize that drop it down. Some excercise with UH , make i...
9 Nov
  Re: Glory flutes    Posted in Flute Forum
$500 reduced to $76? There is a lot of rubbish out there - even at its original price of $500 I woul...
7 Nov
  Re: High register becoming a psychological problem    Posted in Horn Forum
----- phred wrote (sorry, I don't know how to quote): And yes, your exercises are the ones to d...
4 Nov
  Re: Noisy rotary valves    Posted in Horn Forum
depending how old the horn is it would be necessary to reajust your valves. after some years the val...
4 Nov
  Re: Buying a new horn    Posted in Horn Forum
Why not trying to restorate your horn? i'm playing an alexander 102st feom the seventy's its...

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