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Recent Posts

20 Most Recently Active Threads
19 Nov
  Please Help :`(   Posted in Cello Forum
I have had a cello for about a half year now, and I am still not able to tune it! Always when i tune...
17 Nov
  anyone read this?   Posted in Flute Forum
I was hoping this group would be a place to discuss all things flute, sadly it appears to not be ver...
16 Nov
  Muramatsu EX for beginner?   Posted in Flute Forum
Hi, my 9 year old daughter has been playing flute for almost 2 years. She is using a second hand fl...
8 Nov
  Middle octave cracking?   Posted in Flute Forum
Usually when I play in the middle octave, I get a good, clear note without any cracking. However sin...
5 Nov
  Do Cello strings break easily   Posted in Cello Forum
Just got a 3/4 cello. How delicate are cello strings compared to guitar strings? I heard the A strin...
5 Nov
  A new cellist!   Posted in Cello Forum
Hi everyone, this is my first post. I am here to ask for some help and guidance. I know very little...
5 Nov
  New beginner cellist   Posted in Cello Forum
I am going to be starting to learn to play the cello in a couple of weeks. I'm anxious but a li...
2 Nov
  Can`t play well outside band   Posted in Trumpet Forum
When I am in my school band room with the members of the jazz band or concert band, I can play great...
2 Nov
  Upgrade from Student Trumpet? (TR300)   Posted in Trumpet Forum
I've been playing trumpet for about 6 and a half years now (since 4th grade, currently in 11th g...
1 Nov
  Overpracticing?    Posted in Oboe Forum
I feel like the more I practice the All-State audition etudes, the worse the quality of my playing g...
31 Oct
  Optional keywork   Posted in Bassoon Forum
Hello, I am still looking into buying a bassoon. One of the things I haven't figured out yet is...
31 Oct
  Transposing   Posted in Horn Forum
Hi As many af you probably know horn players transpose a lot. Do you have some tips on how to think ...
31 Oct
  Digital Piano 0-700$   Posted in Piano Forum
hi, i'm looking to start learning piano and can't afford the price of a real piano. after do...

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