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28 Jul
  Flute Upgrade    Posted in Flute Forum
I currently play on a Trevor James Privilege, which quite honestly is a great flute with a very matu...
20 Jul
  Re: [Alto recorder] I just can`t get A and G right?    Posted in Recorder Forum
Thanks for providing the solution, I was also looking for the answer....
19 Jul
  Re: Emerson Piccolo    Posted in Flute Forum
the body is black "plastic" or a composite of some type. only the mouth piece, keys and "trim" is m...
19 Jul
  Re: Second Hand Flute Age Advice    Posted in Flute Forum
Totally agree; I've been on the same one for about 25 years and it's going just as gone as D...
19 Jul
  Re: Trumpet Valve Malfunction Help!    Posted in Trumpet Forum
Thank you! very useful information!...
19 Jul
  Re: Which saxophone is best for a beginner?    Posted in Saxophone Forum
Thanks Alyssa for your reply...
19 Jul
  Re: Oswal euphonium?    Posted in Tuba Forum
You can contact with music tutor....
19 Jul
  Re: I know I am going to be laughed at.    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Thanks for sharing information here....
19 Jul
  Re: Junior Districts Auditions    Posted in Bassoon Forum
Good luck for your future. Please let me know if you need any help from my side....
19 Jul
  Re: Hmm.. does anyone know whats Mozart song they playing in the middle is this?    Posted in Classical Music Forum
I fully agree with you!...
19 Jul
  Re: Skype Lesson    Posted in Violin Forum
That’s a nice initiative. Hope you get students soon. ...
19 Jul
  Re: A course showing you how to teach the flute?    Posted in Flute Forum
Thank you for the comment - that's good to know
18 Jul
  Re: Wedding music    Posted in Violin Forum
Go for "The Blue Danube" - J.Strauss II or "Jesú, joy of man's desiring" - J.S. Bach...
18 Jul
  Re: As a Piano Teacher....would you wear this??    Posted in Piano Forum
This won’t give a good impression on your students. I would suggest you to wear formals rather than ...
16 Jul
  Re: Bocals    Posted in Bassoon Forum
Heckel and Leitzinger bocals are usually my two go to brands for top notch quality bocals. Foxes ten...
16 Jul
  Re: ///////s\\\\\\\    Posted in Piano Forum
13 Jul
  Re: How many grades?    Posted in Violin Forum
Where I like we have Trinity Guildhall and there at 8...
13 Jul
  Re: Should I quit violin?    Posted in Violin Forum
Try to really feel the music and I would say stick at it!
13 Jul
  Re: The strings on the bow is always falling off, am I putting too much rosin on it?    Posted in Violin Forum
also, if you do not loosen the hair on the bow when putting it in the case this will happen
13 Jul
  Re: I use too much compression when belting?    Posted in Voice Forum
I'm always pleased to help you!

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