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20 Most Recently Active Threads
23 Oct
  Transposing   Posted in Horn Forum
Hi As many af you probably know horn players transpose a lot. Do you have some tips on how to think ...
22 Oct
  anyone read this?   Posted in Flute Forum
I was hoping this group would be a place to discuss all things flute, sadly it appears to not be ver...
18 Oct
  Register key   Posted in Clarinet Forum
Well I finally done it!!..ok I'm a raw beginner on the clarinet , but a musician of long standi...
18 Oct
  Requesting a vocal diagnosis (I have pitch problems and don`t know what to do)   Posted in Voice Forum
Hey everyone! I have been having a lot of trouble with my voice and was wondering if there was anyon...
17 Oct
  Best guitar amps for beginners? (Thinking about a pocket amp)   Posted in Guitar Forum
What are the best amps for beginners? I am not a beginner when it comes to playing guitar, but I am ...
17 Oct
  modern music hard to sing   Posted in General Forum
Hello! I would liek to prepare some song which is modern and pretty hard to sing. Jazz/popular/any...
14 Oct
  adequate horn range?   Posted in Horn Forum
i am in my first year of horn and i can play from F3 to F5 and im not sure if this is adequate or no...
14 Oct
  Playing with dentures   Posted in Trombone Forum
I lost my 4 upper front teeth and was fitted with a "flipper" prosthetic. I went from a very very b...
5 Oct
  Help ID This Buffet Crampon Carl Fischer Oboe   Posted in Oboe Forum
I've come across this old oboe and I need help identifying it.. It appears to be a Buffet Cram...
3 Oct
  B Foot Questions   Posted in Flute Forum
I have a Gemeinhardt M2 and want to buy a step-up flute, maybe a Yamaha 371. The current model is t...
2 Oct
  Can`t play well outside band   Posted in Trumpet Forum
When I am in my school band room with the members of the jazz band or concert band, I can play great...
2 Oct
  Legally Blonde Music?   Posted in Trumpet Forum
Hi there! First off, sorry if this is in the wrong area. I didn't feel like it went in orchestr...
2 Oct
  Soprano and piccolo trumpet mouthpieces   Posted in Trumpet Forum
I have been using a Bach 10 3/4 CW for more than 50 years and get a good tone and range on Bb trumpe...

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