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13 Oct
  pearl quantz 505 or gemeindardt 2sp    Posted in Flute Forum
Trying to relearn after not playing since high school. Renting a gemeinhardt, but can't seem to ...
12 Oct
  Re: how to download pdf sheets?    Posted in Violin Forum
PDFs are only available to subscribers. You can print the music from the standard 'gif' view...
11 Oct
  Re: High register becoming a psychological problem    Posted in Horn Forum
By the way, I'd like to tell you I've read many other threads in this forum apart from the o...
11 Oct
  Re: Marching lyre = Dented French horn    Posted in Horn Forum
I finally bought something resembling the trumpet lyre and adapter shown in the second link I copied...
1 Oct
  Re: Cello Beginner - Introduction and challenges of learning without a teacher    Posted in Cello Forum
While I don't have a cello (yet), I found an outstanding resource on YouTube. Look for Hans Zen...
30 Sep
  Re: Noisy rotary valves    Posted in Horn Forum
A good oiling can sometimes fix it, rule of thumb: if it moves, oil it! Under the valve caps is the ...
27 Sep
  Re: Mouthpiece-Which One Would Be Easier    Posted in Horn Forum
Thanks for replying.
24 Sep
  Re: Cello Help    Posted in Cello Forum
Tips: 1.) Practice slowly 2.) Practice often 3.) Focus on technique While the cello is a stringed i...
20 Sep
  Re: Highest note    Posted in Clarinet Forum
C which is 6 spaces above the staff...
14 Sep
  Re: Head voice problem.    Posted in Voice Forum
I get up to a5 siren I struggle with highhhs
10 Sep
  Re: [Alto recorder] I just can`t get A and G right?    Posted in Recorder Forum
F gives me the same squeaky result. I tried so many more times since I made this thread but at a cer...
10 Sep
  Re: Cheap wood recorder opinion ?    Posted in Recorder Forum
The Yamaha instruments are pretty good & you have to pay much more to get a wooden one that sounds b...
7 Sep
  Re: Can`t Download MP3s    Posted in Site Support Forum
I'm on a Mac....
4 Sep
  Re: Opinions on my singing? :-)    Posted in Voice Forum
I'm not especially experienced in singing, but I can share the tips I know. You have a great voi...

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