>>>>...Any good suggestions on oboe pieces?...<<<<

>>>>...Any good suggestions on oboe pieces?...<<<<

>>>>...Any good suggestions on oboe pieces?...<<<<    09:54 on Thursday, September 15, 2005
(@~> Jaspie <~@)
Heeeey, I`ve been playing for about a year and a half, and i want to play more challenging pieces, preferbally romance style music, but anything interesting, and that i can actually play would be good, i play many different styles, so im really open to any recommendations. This is some of my repertoire at the moment...

Concerto for oboe K.330,K545 by Mozart
Oboe concerto by Cimarosa
Oboe concerto in D min by Marcello
Habanera by Ravel
Three romances by Schumann

and im working on these pieces at the moment...

6 metamorphoses by Britten <<< so hard!! arghh
Sonata by Saint-SaEns <<< im getting there.
Oboe concerto by Rubstov <<< alot of fun!!

so any suggestions would be great... THANKIES!!

p.s. Is the oboe not the coolest instrument !! :P

@~> Jaspie bOi

Re: >>>>...Any good suggestions on oboe pieces?...<<<<    21:49 on Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Johann Sebastian Bach`s:

Brandenburg Concerto 1-2

I think those had oboes but they might be oboe d`amores or english horns.

Re: >>>>...Any good suggestions on oboe pieces?...<<<<    21:30 on Friday, September 23, 2005
I`m curious. What keys are Mozart`s K330 and K545 in?

Re: >>>>...Any good suggestions on oboe pieces?...<<<<    21:37 on Friday, September 23, 2005
The Mozart, Andante Cantabile K.330 is in F major at the starts in F major i think, and den changes to Ab major, den changes back to F major at the end... thats wat i think, im not good at telling what keys pieces are in :P

The Mozart Andante K.545 is in G major.

hope that helps in some way

and is there any other suggestions on good oboe pieces ?? ... thanks

@~> JAspiE bOI

Re: >>>>...Any good suggestions on oboe pieces?...<<<<    09:45 on Tuesday, November 01, 2005
you could try these out

The Cesar Franck work, Piece #5 (also seen as Pièce V).


you could alternatly try either movement of the Loeillet "Andante & Allegro"


Re: >>>>...Any good suggestions on oboe pieces?...<<<<    12:38 on Tuesday, November 01, 2005
(Friendly Sparrow)
Here`s a few I had trouble with last year (they sound really good after you master them!):

Polonaise by John Sebastian Bach

A Day in Venice by Ludvid Schytte (one of my favorite songs)

La Bouffonne by Francois Couperin

All of these are found in Book 2 Standard of Excellence Festival Solos by Bruce Pearson.

Re: >>>>...Any good suggestions on oboe pieces?...<<<<    06:40 on Thursday, November 03, 2005
Harry Potter woud be good. The kids in school are playing it and it sounds so cool with oboe.

Re: >>>>...Any good suggestions on oboe pieces?...<<<<    10:45 on Sunday, November 06, 2005
(Oboe player120)
I wouldn`t suggest the mozart oboe concerto that is a very challenging proffesional piece you`d have to work your way up on. If you`ve only been playing for 1 1/2 years i`d suggest the concerto for oboe and strings by Corelli- Barbirolli. The Cimirosa is a very buetiful oboe piece also but I`d first play the Corelli- Barbirolli peice first then play the cimirosa oboe concerto since it is a little bit harder. But those are the two pieces i`d suggest to you.

Re: >>>>...Any good suggestions on oboe pieces?...<<<<    07:57 on Wednesday, November 23, 2005
If you like romance I`d advise you Francis Poulenc Sonata for Oboe and Piano.He´s not a romantic composer but he has got a Romantic style. It´s wonderful to play - though not THAT easy!

Easier is a piece by Carl Nielsen for oboe and piano (two movements).

Re: >>>>...Any good suggestions on oboe pieces?...<<<<    13:59 on Monday, November 28, 2005

Re: >>>>...Any good suggestions on oboe pieces?...<<<<    00:46 on Tuesday, November 29, 2005
I absolutely love the Cimarosa, but I think rather than purchasing any of these pieces alone you are better of getting a good book with a collection of songs. Considering Cimarosa alone is $10... so are some of the below books:

Solos for the Oboe Player (Whitney Tustin)
Good selection of pieces of varying difficulty.

Etudes et Sonates (H. Brod)
Far more challenging and technical pieces/studies by Brod. A good book.

Rubank Intermediate and Advanced I:
Good for starting out. Intermediate has simple pieces and a great fingering chart. Advanced has good intermediate duets and more studies.

Rubank Advanced Method Book II
Great duets
Great studies
Much better pieces:
Mozart`s Pantomime
Pierne;s Piece in G Minor
Haydn`s Menuetto and Presto
Bach`s Arioso (in almost evey book, lol)
Shumann`s Romance 1
Handel Sonata 1

Melodious and Progressive Studies for SAXOPHONE
Very melodious and somewhat technical. Nice book to warmup to.

Melodious and Progressive Studies for Oboe 1&2
Studies. Joy. Not nearly as enjoyable as the Sax version, much more tecnical. I would get this after Ferling.

The Oboe Book by Chip Davis
Not recommended unless you looking for something to perform. Simple stuff, but beautiful.

Baroque Music for Oboe by Peter Wastall
My first oboe book. Lots of fast stuff. I loved it more on flute. Still a good one to pick up after everything else.

More Great Hymns for Worship Flute/Oboe by James Curnow
Far too complex to play in a church unless you want to show off, but comes with a CD and if you like religious songs it`s a good pick. I`m not religious, but I figured it could be useful... but not these high paced arrangments.

Selected Studies for Oboe by Voxman
Yep. Studies. Pick these up after the Melodious Oboe ones.

48 Famous Studies by Ferling
Flip to page 25. lol. Some good pieces and then everything else before is study, study, study. Pick this up after Barret/Gekeler 2

Classic Festival Solos Book 1&2
Mary had a little lamb. Beginning pieces. Avoid.

Pares Scales
Really... just scales. I expected more. lol. If you need to see them... here they are in as many patterns as you can imagine.

Telemann Fantasias for Flute
Comfortable with your C#, Left F, Left Eb, and Right Abs? <cackle>

Twenty-Two Russian Melodies by Larry Stitky
I only liked to play a couple of them...

Purcell 40 Songs for Voice and Piano (High)
For singers, but lovely pieces to play on oboe.

Vade-Mecum of the Oboist
Really big book with snippet of most major oboe solos. Not really a "fun" book, but worth the $45. Get your pieces and studies first.

Barret Oboe Method
The Oboe bible. Buy it. Take it Kinkos and get it spiral bound. Knocks over wire stands with a page turn. lol. The regular version has a duet part for English Horn, but there is an Oboe duet version out there too, I would have got that one had I known. Look for that.

Gekeler Method Book II
If you can`t cough up the dough for the Barret book. The Gekeler Method II contains most (36 of 40) of the Forty Progeressive Melodies from Barret and its own scale study section. You miss out on the introduction/music theory, Barret scale study, and Barret Sonatas. Much easier print to read. I do kinda prefer Gekeler just cause of the print and SIZE (much easier to manage).

Gekeler Mehtod Book I
Base beginniner, Rubank books are better. Avoid.

80 Graded Studies for Oboe Books 1&2
Good study books. Nice mix of workable and finger twisters. Definately a good study book after Barret/Gekeler 2... maybe before Ferling.

Orchestra Musician`s CD Library
You have the parts. Good luck playing along with the masters if you have the recordings. Take CD to Kinkos and print and bind. lol.

That`s most of my oboe library... now I can see my floor! Be glad I decided to clean under my bed, lol.

Re: >>>>...Any good suggestions on oboe pieces?...<<<<    09:56 on Tuesday, December 06, 2005
(Joe Linux)
Have any of these pieces been transcribed for soproano sax?

Re: >>>>...Any good suggestions on oboe pieces?...<<<<    12:12 on Tuesday, December 06, 2005
(Chris Leach)
Poulenc Oboe Sonata for Oboe and Piano!


Re: >>>>...Any good suggestions on oboe pieces?...<<<<    06:02 on Wednesday, December 07, 2005
(Jaspie bOi)
Chris do you have msn?..

add me fwed_bob@hotmail.com

and if any other people want to add me.. FEEL FREE TO !! haha jst tell me your from 8notes.. or i`ll get so confused.

O~> jaspie bOi.


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