is this really a potrait of vivaldi

is this really a potrait of vivaldi

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is this really a potrait of vivaldi    00:08 on Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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yesterday i was reading a book on antonio vivaldi. i saw his famous potrait of him holding a violin,writing music. at the bottom of the potrait it says. a potrait of a romantic composer THOUGHT TO BE VIVALDI know my hyper links are terable but would you violiplayers tell me is it vivaldi or not. check all his potraits you have accses to. remeber look at every detail from his wig to his hand. whoever has the most convincing answer i shall do a favour for you and write a peice on violin for you which you can say to you friends you wrote it. remeber this isnt a shearch for the truth but a shearch on faith.


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