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Piano works by Johann Nepomuk Hummel 

Piano works by Johann Nepomuk Hummel

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Piano works by Johann Nepomuk Hummel    01:30 on Tuesday, December 14, 2010 Vote for this post Vote against this post 2 votes

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Hello! My name is Daria, I`m professional pianist.
Johann Nepomuk Hummel (1778 -- 1837) is an Austrian composer and virtuoso pianist (originally of Chezh persuasion).
Music by J.N.Hummel is on a transition from classicism to romanticism. The best of his heritage is piano music, that stands out with its virtuosity, sentimental-romantic nature and exquisite melodics.
Looking ahead, Hummel had made a step into the next epoche of music in his works.
This is my recordings of Hummel:




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