Reharmonization by software (now it`s possible)

Reharmonization by software (now it`s possible)

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Reharmonization by software (now it`s possible)    09:54 on Tuesday, October 01, 2013

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Hi everyone in forum, how are you?

My name is Ricardo and I would like present you a never before seen musical software called "Sonata".
The software was the result of my Final Paper in Computer Science (2010), in which I and my friend developed a software that allows reharmonize piano scores automatically. Nowadays the software is published at google play in two versions: demo (free version) and complete version.
I think that our software can be interesting to someone in this forum
The urls to app are below:

Demo version

Complete Version

Basically our software accepts a midi file as entry, convert it to a piano score and after you can select among 4 reharmonization techniques to reharmonize the score and generate different versions of it. The software allow export the piano scores as Midi or PDF too.

I hope you like our software. Suggestions and criticisms are always welcome!

Thank You.


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