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3 May
  how to play horn in Bb    Posted in Horn Forum
I was wondering is it is possible to actually play the French Horn in Bb, so I can play trumpet in B...
30 Apr
  Re: Apartment practicing?    Posted in Horn Forum
I got one of the old model Silent Brass systems. It is very good, and with the ear buds, sound is r...
26 Apr
  Re: Arthur Woodall`s Serenade    Posted in Flute Forum
Try this:
22 Apr
  Re: Tempo of accompaniment    Posted in Site Support Forum
I'm with explorer and Google ty for answering denys ...
22 Apr
  Re: web sites with free piano sheets    Posted in Free Sheetmusic Forum
Check here
19 Apr
  Re: Just started cant read music    Posted in Piano Forum
I've just started too. I write notes on the music sheets in the beginning and eventually I start...
11 Apr
  Re: Chopin`s Prelude op.28 no.4    Posted in Piano Forum
This was one of the first pieces I learnt when I started studying piano a bit more seriously. For me...
8 Apr
  Re: Area on the top lip where the lip and skin meet swelling. How to stop?    Posted in Horn Forum
I had a problem like this all during my early years of playing, roughly ages 13-24. It was so bad I...
7 Apr
  Re: Oswal euphonium?    Posted in Tuba Forum
Thanks for that! Not sure if it's completely relevant to the Oswal brand but I don't think I...
6 Apr
  Re: old horn player    Posted in Horn Forum
Hey Old Horn Player! I played roughly from 13 to 24. Got good enough to do 3 years with a local com...
6 Apr
  Re: Irritated skin    Posted in Flute Forum
Great. Hope the colour of the varnish isn't too way out!
5 Apr
  Re: How should I approach my band director if I believe I deserve 1st chair?    Posted in General Forum
My advice: just go for it or, if you have one, go to the council. I have some experience with this a...

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