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27 Jul
  Would you like to be the first to review my eBook on Piano Solos?    Posted in Introduce Your Band Forum
Hey, as a composer, I am looking for people to review my
27 Jul
  A Perfect Voice is Soul of Music    Posted in Voice Forum
Hi Friend , My name is Alicia & I am students as well as part time guest teacher , Usually I have to...
27 Jul
  Free Clarinet Lessons and Library    Posted in Clarinet Forum
I'm not interested in taking anything from fact, I appreciate the work they have...
27 Jul
  Play the piano and own an iPad?    Posted in Piano Forum
Hi all, I am doing this survey and would be really grateful if you can help! https://www.surveym...
26 Jul
  Buying an instrument    Posted in General Forum
Hey people, I'm buying a new horn, and I need a tip on selecting the right one. Right now I play...
25 Jul
  Renner - World`s Largest Purely Piano Parts Maker    Posted in Piano Forum
This month on Piano Price Point we interview Clemens von Arnim from Renner Piano - arguably the most...
24 Jul
  Wooden Clarinet    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hi. I am 12 years old and have played clarinet for about two years. I am fairly advanced on it. I w...
24 Jul
  Subscriber issues    Posted in Site Support Forum
Hi there... I am a subscriber and have been for a long time but I keep getting a message pop up and ...
24 Jul
  If You Ever Changer Your Mind by by Green, Watts & Sigler 1939    Posted in Free Sheetmusic Forum
I am looking for the sheet music for this tune for a friend: If You Ever Changer Your Mind by by Gre...
23 Jul
  kara para ask    Posted in Free Sheetmusic Forum
please , i need melody of dizi miuzigi_ Elif Dans music track from Kara Para Ask this is a turkish ...
23 Jul
  Bass clarinet to tenor sax    Posted in Saxophone Forum
Hi. I was wondering if it would be easy to go from bass clarinet to tenor saxophone. Are the fingeri...
23 Jul
  Bind your beloved brotherís heart in a spectacular way on this Raksha Bandhan    Posted in Classical Music Forum
India is a country of festivals. It is culturally so rich that it celebrates a festival almost every...
22 Jul
  Clarinet to bassoon    Posted in Bassoon Forum
I was wondering if it would be easy to go from clarinet to bassoon and tips if I do. Also, if I buy ...
22 Jul
  Composition websites    Posted in Composition Forum
I am looking for some composition websites for kids (I'm 12). I haven't really composed at a...
22 Jul
  Viola to cello    Posted in Viola Forum
Hey. I was wondering if I could easily switch from viola to cello. I understand about the slightly d...
22 Jul
  What are hits?    Posted in Site Support Forum
I was wondering what hits are in the forum topics. Thanks.
22 Jul
  Clarinet to Oboe    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hi. I would like to know if it is easy to switch from clarinet to oboe and other double reed instrum...
22 Jul
  Highest note    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hi. Just real quick, what is the highest note on a B flat clarinet, what is its fingering, and wher...
22 Jul
  Tips for beginning/intermediate    Posted in Flute Forum
Hey. I am 12 years old. I have played flute on and of for a couple of years. It was actually my fir...
21 Jul
  Bringing H200 descant with me on Europe trip - anyone interested in buying it before I return?    Posted in Horn Forum
I'm trying to figure out a creative solution to the old problem of how to keep in practice while...
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