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29 May
  American and UK term names    Posted in Site Support Forum
I've noticed a lot of the terms are the U.S way of saying things; Eg. Measure - Bar Half/a...
28 May
  INCREDIBLE piano cover/music video of A Thousand Years Please watch!!!    Posted in General Forum
26 May
  Mouthpiece Help?    Posted in Horn Forum
I'm looking to get a new mouthpiece for my horn and I'm torn between a Laskey 725G and a 75G...
26 May
  Azumi vs. Powell    Posted in Flute Forum
I tried out different flutes and I'm torn. I cannot chose between the Azumi and the Powell. Can ...
26 May
  Cheap wood recorder opinion ?    Posted in Recorder Forum
I am considering to buy a cheap wood alto recorder, of which brand is Frederick... The following you...
24 May
  Ever heard of a flute made by Crown?    Posted in Flute Forum
Hello everyone, I have recently acquired a used flute and am having difficulty in finding informati...
23 May
  French Horn Identification Help    Posted in Horn Forum
I recently started horn (about a year ago) and I want to identify it. It is old and does not have an...
22 May
  Can someone please help me by making a Piano Finger Placement Guide for Mozart`s "Ave Verum Corpus"    Posted in Piano Forum
Hi, I recently joined this site because I've found that it has an amazing selection of sheet m...
22 May
  9th CROATIA DRUM CAMP International Percussion Summer Courses (Aug 3-10th 2015)    Posted in Percussion Forum
ICC JMC in Groznjan & PETAR CURIC Agency proudly present: CROATIA DRUM CAMP 2015. 9th International...
21 May
  Playing flute with braces    Posted in Flute Forum
So, I'm a pretty committed flute player. I recently found out that I need to get braces in the n...
21 May
  I`m experiencing extreme difficulties with horn playing. Help?    Posted in Horn Forum
Around one and a half weeks ago, I started encountering problems with my ability to play horn. I tho...
18 May
  Classical music and biography    Posted in Classical Music Forum
It is always interesting and sometimes even important to have intimate knowledge of a composerís lif...
18 May
  third octave Bb having problems playing    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hi everyone, New to the site. Was wondering if anyone could help me. I'm an experience clarinet...
18 May
  Silver Selmer Manhattan (c1930)    Posted in Trumpet Forum
I have a Selmer Manhattan small bore, silver trumpet that I have had since a kid (which was a very, ...
17 May
  Wooden flutes    Posted in Flute Forum
Hi, I'm a new kid on the block, and I have a somewaht stupid question. I've read some earlie...
17 May
  Tara Simon Studios    Posted in Introduce Your Band Forum
Hi, Tara Simon Studios is a performing arts center in Smyrna GA, transforming talented performers i...
16 May
  Clarinet fingering    Posted in Clarinet Forum
I am a new clarinet player and just bought a new YamahaYCL-450N. According to fingering chart, if Yo...
16 May
  Summer school in Bath    Posted in General Forum
Hi All, It's that time of year again when I try to let everyone know about the Bath Folk Festiva...
16 May
  Getting a cello stand???    Posted in Cello Forum
Hello! I have been playing the cello for a while now and I was looking into buying a stand, but ther...
15 May
  Can`t get low F on Bass recorder    Posted in Recorder Forum
I have a Moeck Meisterstuck recorder which I have had for several years, never played much on it. N...
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