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26 Jun
  Pearl Bass Flute    Posted in Flute Forum
I am considering buying a Pearl bass flute and am trying to determine the age of the instrument. Th...
24 Jun
  Custom mp by Houser    Posted in Horn Forum
As I've posted before, I've got a nickel allergy. So, everything has got to be stainless st...
24 Jun
  Sourcing Music    Posted in General Forum
Hi All, I am part of a small scout marching band who are looking to renew their music and explore s...
23 Jun
  1998 Ravatin for sale    Posted in Cello Forum
Hi everyone, I am selling my 1998 Frank Ravatin cello. It's a wonderful instrument which won a...
23 Jun
  Cool song    Posted in Flute Forum
Please help i need a good song to play for my family and I am a pretty good player I know about 40 n...
22 Jun
  Di Zhao 700 Vs Powell Sonare 601    Posted in Flute Forum
I am buying a new flute and was wondering if I should get the Di Zhao 700 or the Powell Sonare 601. ...
22 Jun
  What do you think?    Posted in General Forum
Hey Guys. I wanted to know if you could possibly check out my (very few) music videos and let me k...
19 Jun
  I know I am going to be laughed at.    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hi guys, I need advice, I have always been fascinated by Clarinet and Saxophone and stumbled across ...
18 Jun
  Brannen brother flutes    Posted in Flute Forum
What do people think know of them and would they buy a gold one. How are they compared to nagahara...
17 Jun
  Brush stuck in Trumpet bell: Help???    Posted in Trumpet Forum
I got my mouthpiece brush stuck up the bell of my trumpet and I can't seem to get it out. DOn...
15 Jun
  2016 Taiwan Taichung Saxophone Competition (Jazz)    Posted in Saxophone Forum
2016 Taichung Saxophone Competition Application Information Houli—the original “hometown” for Taiwa...
13 Jun
  A course showing you how to teach the flute?    Posted in Flute Forum
If there was a good online course out there about how to teach the flute (and how to fix students...
12 Jun
  looking for a flute headjoint case    Posted in Flute Forum
Does anyone have a flute headjoint CASE ONLY for sale, to fit a silver headjoint?...
11 Jun
  New Website to review Bassoon reeds    Posted in Bassoon Forum
Hello all, I am in the process of creating a new website to rate and review double reeds called Rev...
11 Jun
  New Website to review oboe reeds    Posted in Oboe Forum
Hello all, I am in the process of creating a new website to rate and review double reeds called Rev...
7 Jun
  Emerson Piccolo    Posted in Flute Forum
I am VERY new to this thing called piccolo.... I am Dad. Daughter is going to be a sophomore in HS ...
7 Jun
  Andys Tracks UK Agents emails addresses    Posted in Voice Forum
Andys Tracks has assembled a list of over 250 (276 at the last count) UK agents e-mail addresses all...
6 Jun
  Good encore for Rhapsody in Blue?    Posted in Piano Forum
I will be playing Rhapsody in Blue with my school's concert band in about a year. Since I am alr...
6 Jun
  Which Holton Model?    Posted in Horn Forum
We recently purchased my son a new (old) Horn. Based on the serial number, we know it's a 1973. ...
5 Jun
  Neat Find! Jackson Guldan Antonius Stradivarius Violin Faciebat Anno 17    Posted in Violin Forum
As I was cleaning up for a garage sale with my parents I ran across a Jackson Guldan Antonius Stradi...
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