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5 Oct
  help!!    Posted in General Forum
Hi guys I have a alto sax I would like to know more about and if it is worth anything it has a emble...
4 Oct
  Allora FH    Posted in Horn Forum
I'm looking to purchase 2 FH for my elementary school band and I was wondering if anybody had an...
1 Oct
  Conn Model Identification?    Posted in Horn Forum
Hi there! I'm Haley. I'm a junior in high school and about a year ago, I took up French horn...
1 Oct
  My Flute won`t play!    Posted in Flute Forum
I got a piccolo in August. I stopped playing my flute for marching season and used my piccolo. I tri...
1 Oct
  Yamaha Tyros 3 Keyboard for sale    Posted in General Forum
The Tyros3 features the highest quality synthesizer Keyboard Yamaha has ever made: the FSX keyboard....
1 Oct
  Yamaha MOTIF XS8 88-Key Synthesizer.available for sale    Posted in General Forum
Yamaha MOTIF XS8 88-Key Synthesizer. Package Content . 88-key workstation with balanced hammer-eff...
27 Sep
  Trying to find a Carol of the Bells arrangement.    Posted in Piano Forum
Hello everyone, I used to have an arrangement of Carol of the Bells that was really fun to play, bu...
17 Sep
  Are you a Pianist who could record?    Posted in Piano Forum
Hey, My latest song "Lost Empires" is nearing completion. I am looking forward to record it, and I a...
16 Sep
  Selling a Yamaha G2 Piano    Posted in General Forum
I've owned a nice baby grand for the past 16 years but figured it was time to sell it. If you ar...
15 Sep
  Not sure about a certain vocal technique    Posted in Voice Forum
I don't know the name of a certain vocal technique. It's hard to describe but it's sort ...
14 Sep
  sore throat from singing    Posted in Voice Forum
I'm a new singer...I'd like some friends that could teach me singing better This is my sor...
11 Sep
  Marching lyre = Dented French horn    Posted in Horn Forum
Hello, I've been using a marching lyre for some time, but I'd like to replace it, if possib...
10 Sep
  Selmer USA Oboe Serial Number List?    Posted in Oboe Forum
Conn Selmer only has a Selmer Paris Saxophone list and I have been unable to find a list for their U...
10 Sep
  Buying a new horn    Posted in Horn Forum
Hi, I'm an Australian high school student who's coming out of Year 12 and I want to buy a ne...
9 Sep
  Rhett May Delivers That Classic Rock Sound With New Song Rich B*tch    Posted in Rock Music Forum
Rhett May is back with a brand new music video for his latest classic rock song “Rich Bitch”. A beat...
7 Sep
  Anyone heard of Kori flutes?    Posted in Flute Forum
Been searching for a back up flute for a back up flute. I've used the topics from this forum the...
6 Sep
  Can`t Download MP3s    Posted in Site Support Forum
When I click "download" for the mp3s, they open in a new window and begin to play, but don't dow...
6 Sep
  Survey on Practicing    Posted in General Forum
I'm doing some research on peoples practicing habits, and was hoping some of you could space a c...
6 Sep
  Listen to this pls    Posted in Name That Tune Forum
please listen to this piece on the below link (please copy and paste the link) https://www.wetrans...
4 Sep
  Cello Help    Posted in Cello Forum
Hi. So, I just switched from viola to cello in my school orchestra. I am doing absolutely terrible o...
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