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27 Apr
  A LITTLE HELP PLEASE    Posted in Site Support Forum
Hi guys!! Are we allowed to upload notation?? If so how do we do it...
25 Apr
  Guitar + Harmonica    Posted in Guitar Forum
A lot of, mainly, Greek melodies played with harmonic minor key harmonicas and guitar https://www.yo...
25 Apr
  20 Greek dirgres & Table melodies    Posted in Recorder Forum
20 Greek dirgres & Table melodies on many modes (Major , Minor natural , Hijaz , Phrygian or Ousak, ...
23 Apr
  The Boston Musical Instrument Manufactury - French horn    Posted in Horn Forum
My dad was a french horn player and also a bit of a collector/pack rat. After he passed away the fam...
22 Apr
  Tuner/Transposer App for learners    Posted in Cello Forum
Might be of use to beginners as there seem to be a lot of questions in this forum from self starters...
22 Apr
  Transposition/Tuner App    Posted in Trombone Forum
Yes I know, another tuner app, but this one seemed like a good idea when I started so I persevered. ...
21 Apr
  Anyone selling a piccolo?    Posted in Flute Forum
I am in the market to buy a piccolo. It needs to be playable and under $400. Also not made of wood...
11 Apr
  Embouchure Problems?    Posted in Horn Forum
So, I've been playing horn for about four months, and I think I'm pretty decent at it. Recen...
10 Apr
  How old is ok?    Posted in Flute Forum
I'm looking into buying a used piccolo but since I've only ever played flute so I'm not ...
9 Apr
  hi everyone    Posted in Introduce Your Band Forum
My name is Karl and I am music producer I have a website where I provide DJ Samples http://www.lucid...
8 Apr
  New to the Alto Saxophone    Posted in Saxophone Forum
I am new to the Alto Later in life age 53, no musical background but always, always loved Jazz and t...
7 Apr
  Live sessions for Tunisian artists    Posted in Introduce Your Band Forum
7 Apr
  Alexander Horn Valves    Posted in Horn Forum
I was reading the Alexander catalogue and noticed that there were a few triple horns that have six v...
5 Apr
  Playing flute scores on Alto recorder    Posted in Recorder Forum
I'm a beginning/intermediate Alto player and have found free scores for flute that are within th...
5 Apr
  Shakespeare Opera    Posted in General Forum
Um hi, I am going to turn one of Shakespeare's plays into an opera. Which one do you think I sho...
5 Apr
  Does anyone know any good music for a jazz band with 5 people?    Posted in Introduce Your Band Forum
Hello everyone. I am a clarinetist and just started a band. My band is composed of a tenor saxophone...
4 Apr
  Chords which should avoid    Posted in Guitar Forum
I'm totally newbie with playing guitar and I really don't know if there are any chords shoul...
2 Apr
  AS YOU SAID, Jack Bruce (Cream)    Posted in Free Sheetmusic Forum
Hi: First post here. I've seen various versions of the same scans from the CREAM COMPLETE songbo...
31 Mar
  Beginner Singer Looking for Feedback! :) Critism Welcome    Posted in Voice Forum
I'm pretty new to singing, I've just been singing for fun with my friends and playing guitar...
31 Mar
  Deep Blue. Ian Clarke    Posted in Free Sheetmusic Forum
Does anyone have Ian Clarke "Deep Blue" sheet? If you have, can you send it to me? ...
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