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18 Dec
  Kopprasch    Posted in Horn Forum
At what point should the novice player begin work on Kopprasch?...
18 Dec
  English horn embouchure and oboe    Posted in Oboe Forum
Hi, just a quick question here.
18 Dec
  NEED TO BUY A TROMBONE (king 2B)    Posted in Trombone Forum
hey im looking to buy a trombone to use at school for jazz. I'm really interested in buying a ki...
17 Dec
  LYRICS    Posted in Introduce Your Band Forum
We are two lyricists who have been working together for quite a long time. Being quite experienced ...
15 Dec
  Downloading music    Posted in Free Sheetmusic Forum
Hi - i'm looking for a site where you can pay a subscription and then you have unlimited downloa...
13 Dec
  Cello Beginner - Introduction and challenges of learning without a teacher    Posted in Cello Forum
Hello & Seasons Greetings! I bought a Cello for my 50th birthday but have not found a local teache...
12 Dec
  Last One Picked - Whoop-dee-doo    Posted in Free Sheetmusic Forum
I have an audition next Friday, and if anyone could send this, I'd greatly appreciate it! -Chri...
9 Dec
  Hey @ all, I am new :)    Posted in Introduce Your Band Forum
Hey @ all, I am a producer (Pop/RnB/Hip-Hop) from Austria, 25 years old, and composing since a long...
9 Dec
  What`s the highest (actually beautiful) french horn note you`ve heard in a score?    Posted in Horn Forum
I don't play the French Horn, but I find it to be the most beautiful and interesting instrument....
7 Dec
  Mythical Records - Experimental classical music label    Posted in Introduce Your Band Forum
I work with a label called, Mythical Records, who release a lot of experimental and dark, contempora...
5 Dec
  Sheet music not available    Posted in Site Support Forum
I tried to download "Casta Diva" for trumpet and piano, but this is not available, an error message ...
4 Dec
  Problems with G2 (european) -> G5 on chart    Posted in Oboe Forum
Hello! I noticed G5 (G2) sometimes is extremely rough and I avoided it by blowing more on the top of...
3 Dec
  Temperature drop    Posted in Bassoon Forum
I wonder how concerned I have to be about a temperature drop of my bassoon. As an example, after vi...
25 Nov
  Doubling on Euphonium    Posted in Horn Forum
Hi, I've been playing horn for 7 years and I'm looking to learn a new brass instrument. I...
21 Nov
  Buying a Tenor    Posted in Saxophone Forum
Hey, I'm looking for a good tenor saxophone. I've been playing for a few months now and I...
17 Nov
  How far I got cello strings.    Posted in Cello Forum
I got my C string up to F#. I got the g up to C. Cello string can at least go up a fourth on a 4/4 ...
16 Nov
  Let`s Make a Facebook Page!    Posted in Flute Forum
Hey, since it seems like not many 8notes users are active on here, why don't we make a Facebook ...
14 Nov
  paid service    Posted in Composition Forum
Hi after greeting , writing score on sibelius software spend time , I know there is another software...
12 Nov
  Muramatsu EX for beginner?    Posted in Flute Forum
Hi, my 9 year old daughter has been playing flute for almost 2 years. She is using a second hand fl...
11 Nov
  Help finding piano notes for song    Posted in Piano Forum
In this video: What are the notes played in the ch...
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