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27 Mar
  Improve single tonguing on trombone?    Posted in Trombone Forum
Hey guys so I just wanted to know if there are any ways or exercises to improve single tonguing on t...
26 Mar
  Sheet music for cello - other than classical    Posted in Cello Forum
I've been playing cello for a while and love the availability of classical sheet music on this s...
26 Mar
  Modern Neoclassical Music    Posted in Classical Music Forum
I really enjoy minimalist neoclassical music by contemporary artists like Nils Frahm, Elizabeth Fawn...
26 Mar
  Epic Trailer Music    Posted in Film & TV Music Forum
I really love all of the epic trailer type music by people like E.S. Posthumus, The Synthetic Dream ...
26 Mar
  Ambient - Psychill music    Posted in Popular Music Forum
Anyone else into downtempo electronic music? I'd love some suggestions of music similar to Ephe...
25 Mar
  How Piano Strings are Made - Mapes Interview w Andy Wilson    Posted in Piano Forum
Hey there. I have a website called Piano Price Point. If you're interested, I write a monthly bl...
25 Mar
  IV International Violin Competition    Posted in Violin Forum
Torun Symphony Orchestra is pleased to announce the next
23 Mar
  Synwin or Eurostring Violin    Posted in Violin Forum
I am thinking of getting my child a beginner violin instrument and I am on a budget constrain. She h...
23 Mar
  Oboe Make/Model Recommendations?    Posted in Oboe Forum
Okay, so I am an intermediate oboist and am planning on majoring in the instrument during my bachelo...
23 Mar
  Groove to Funkadelic music    Posted in Classical Music Forum
One of the most prominent North American bands in the 1970s is Funkadelic. Led by George Clinton, th...
21 Mar
  Gloomy Sunday    Posted in Cello Forum
Does anyone know where I can get the sheet music for this? I want to play it on cello as it's on...
21 Mar
  Bach cello suites 1 prelude    Posted in Cello Forum
So I'm playing the Bach suites and I've got the notes and rhythms down and everything and no...
19 Mar
Hi, I'm writing an opera on the story of Ruth (the one that's in the bible) I know this is c...
17 Mar
  Hello from a beginner    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hello everyone. I've just bought myself a clarinet and I'm learning the key combinations for...
16 Mar
  Ladies in Lavender sheet music    Posted in Violin Forum
Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows where to find free sheet music of Ladies in Lavender, from Ladi...
13 Mar
  How old is this Conn horn??    Posted in Horn Forum
Have a gentleman wanting to sell an old CG Conn double French Horn. He claims it's from the late...
13 Mar
  Can I request music to fit on one page?    Posted in Subscribers Forum Forum
I'm looking for "Long, Long Ago" in C, Treble Clef. I found several copies (e.g., flute), but t...
13 Mar
  Astor Piazzolla - 3 albums of tango sheet music for piano    Posted in Free Sheetmusic Forum
Astor Piazzolla - 3 albums of tango sheet music for piano: Album 1 Adios nonino Preparense Chau Pa...
12 Mar
  Best chat application to put on a website?    Posted in General Forum
Hello, I am looking for a chat application to implement it to my website. I don't have idea whic...
12 Mar
  High School Jazz Band- Improvisation & Soloing    Posted in Saxophone Forum
I was recently placed in Jazz band. It is a fun non-competitive band, but I play Alto Sax, and need ...
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