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24 Aug
  French Horn Find    Posted in Horn Forum
We recently came across a C. G. Conn French Horn, in good condition. Few bumps and scratches, with a...
23 Aug
  Help with pedals    Posted in Piano Forum
My piano model is DGX-650, and my problem is that out of the 3 pedals, only 1 (the sustain pedal) wo...
22 Aug
  Selmer Piccolo    Posted in Flute Forum
I upgraded to a grenadilla Selmer piccolo back in June. I would like more info on this instrument, a...
21 Aug
  donna lee jam out    Posted in Saxophone Forum
20 Aug
  smiley piercing and playing?    Posted in Horn Forum
I play the mellophone and French horn in band. I must play everyday. I am currently in an ensemble p...
17 Aug
  yard sale find Conn 8D    Posted in Horn Forum
I picked up a really beat up french horn at a yard sale this past weekend for $50. It was in a dated...
17 Aug
  Stomvi Horns    Posted in Horn Forum
Has anyone tried the Titan or Elite? I'd love some feedback on them. I've heard a few reco...
16 Aug
  Australian Music    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hi! I have to perform a clarinet solo performance (accompaniment is allowed) and I need to do it wit...
14 Aug
  Considering Selling 1969 Elkhart Conn8D    Posted in Horn Forum
Hi All - I am in the process of cleaning out my home and I think it is time to sell my horn. It is a...
6 Aug
  all the things you are    Posted in Saxophone Forum
Hi, I did a new take last night with another mouthpiece (Morgan - Bilger) and a Legere Signature re...
5 Aug
  Any music for Irish dance `Step`, please!    Posted in General Forum
Hello, I am going to dance step but I don't know any music to dance with... If you've danced...
3 Aug
  Mack Brass Horns    Posted in Horn Forum
Hey all! I am considering buying a horn, but they are expensive. I have a friend who bought a tuba f...
1 Aug
  Win $50 Amazon gift cards by filling this short survey on school music    Posted in Flute Forum
Hi, Do you want to win two $50 Amazon gift cards? Fill this short survey about the purchasing habits...
30 Jul
  Saxophone and Piano sight reading.    Posted in Saxophone Forum
I play saxophone as well as piano. Both are enjoyable, but whenever I play sight reading, I don'...
29 Jul
  Help finding song from Phantom    Posted in Piano Forum
Hello. I am looking for a specific piano part from Phantom of the Opera, which I can't seem to f...
28 Jul
  Flute Upgrade    Posted in Flute Forum
I currently play on a Trevor James Privilege, which quite honestly is a great flute with a very matu...
24 Jul
  My trombone sound has changed.. from obscure to bright.. why?    Posted in Trombone Forum
Hellow everybody.. I hope this post is in the right place.. If It is not, I apologize I have been p...
20 Jul
  Help, please!    Posted in Horn Forum
As part of my school's recent instrument drive, I acquired an unlabeled French horn. The barely...
19 Jul
  Determine the age of a flute?    Posted in Flute Forum
Can anyone tell me how to determine the age of a flute? Thanks!!...
19 Jul
  Guitar techs    Posted in Guitar Forum
Can any guitar techs offer any advice for shows? Just got picked up as a guitar tech for a friend...
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