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27 Aug
  Scoot for health and happiness    Posted in General Forum
The health of little children should be maintained well. Therefore, light exercises and wholesome fo...
25 Aug
  Hi everybody    Posted in Flute Forum
what types of instumetns available for music? Read More: Web Designing Company in nagercoil|Pegno...
25 Aug
  Win tickets to see the Cribs live at the Garage, London 11.09.2014    Posted in General Forum
Win tickets to see the Cribs live at the Garage, London 11.09.2014 via ZigZag Unbleached sessions. ...
22 Aug
  Do any mods read the thrads on here?    Posted in General Forum
This board along with much of the forum appears to be plagued with spam. I joined two days ago and s...
22 Aug
  wanting to learn recorder , treble , descant ??    Posted in Recorder Forum
Hi I have been wanting to learn a woodwind instrument for a while I play congas and ukulele I cant r...
21 Aug
  I can no longer download MIDI files without QuickTime being shoved in my face. Help?    Posted in Site Support Forum
Last time I was logged in this site I was able to upload all sorts of tabs made in Notepad, upload t...
21 Aug
  Have fun zooming on a scooter    Posted in General Forum
Transportation devices are not new to us. However, you cannot think like this for your little kid. S...
19 Aug
  Selling Miyazawa GS Alloy Flute    Posted in Flute Forum
Miyazawa #75778 GS Alloy (90% Silver, 10% Gold) for Head, Body and Foot Joint, Sterling Silver Mecha...
19 Aug
  Can you add genre`s of guitar to your instrument list ?    Posted in Site Support Forum
Hi, I see a long list of guitar music types, but no classical guitar - will you please add this? I...
17 Aug
  Trumpet / Starting Over    Posted in Trumpet Forum
It has been a long time since I played the trumpet / coronet. I also played the French horn but the ...
17 Aug
  Nagahara Mini Flute!!    Posted in Flute Forum
Is anyone else intrigued by the new Nagahara Mini Flute like I am?! I can't seem to locate any t...
17 Aug
  Yamaha YPC-81R Piccolo    Posted in Flute Forum
Hey! I currently play on a Pearl PFP 105 grenaditte piccolo and I'm looking to upgrade to the ...
14 Aug
  Jazz clarinet for a beginner?    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hello all, I've recently decided to take up the clarinet. I'm an avid jazz drummer and guit...
13 Aug
  Is an online store ideal for scooter shopping?    Posted in General Forum
Are you an ardent online shopper? The trend is growing and will do so because of a variety of deals ...
12 Aug
  Rift generator 16 bars won`t save    Posted in Site Support Forum
Same problem as the 32 bar, that I never got a response for. I used to be able to save 16 bars, now...
11 Aug
  Celebrate this Motherís Day in a unique way with this gift    Posted in General Forum
Mothers have always held a special place in our societal and family structures for thousands of year...
10 Aug
  ClarinetFest 2015    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hi, the ClarinetFest 2015 will be placed in Madrid (Spain). More info on T...
9 Aug
  Best guitar amps for beginners? (Thinking about a pocket amp)    Posted in Guitar Forum
What are the best amps for beginners? I am not a beginner when it comes to playing guitar, but I am ...
7 Aug
  Musicalclarinet    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Free scores (methods, duets, clarinet piano and clarinet choir), clarinet reviews and information ab...
6 Aug
  Change music composition by tercet    Posted in Composition Forum
We can change the composition to make one tercet as a quarter note into three of an eighth note. B...

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