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27 Feb
  Sound    Posted in Site Support Forum
Just subscribed to site - don't seem to have a sound control icon on my sheet music pages and so...
25 Feb
  Where to find Brass and Woodwind Instrument Dealers (new and used) & Repair Technicians????    Posted in General Forum
Hello! I am putting together an online directory of brass and woodwind instrument dealers (both new ...
23 Feb
  Section Leader/ Favoritism    Posted in Flute Forum
Since this flutist moved in from out of state, my band director has favorited her. As time progresse...
22 Feb
  How old is my Conn 28D?    Posted in Horn Forum
Hi everyone, I just bought what was advertised as a '1955 Conn 28D from that fantastic Elkhart ...
21 Feb
  Roots. 30th Sevcik`s variation    Posted in Cello Forum
Hello to you all I am pleased to invite you to discover my new video "Roots" 30th Sevcik's vari...
21 Feb
  Seeking help    Posted in Flute Forum
I'm having trouble hitting notes in the lower octave, E,D,C, with C being the worst, hardly any ...
21 Feb
  Value of a 1959 Buffet Crampon R13?    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Just being a bit curious of the value of my Buffet Crampon R13 from 1959. The clarinet is in very go...
18 Feb
  Polishing up/Making the wood shine again on my violin    Posted in Violin Forum
I have an older violin (over 100 years Smile that is starting to look a bit dull in the wood and I w...
13 Feb
  Ain`t Misbehavin Cover. Feedbacks wanted    Posted in Voice Forum
Hello. I did a cover of Ain't Misbehavin by Fats Waller. Any feedbacks or comments are welcome. ...
12 Feb
  Welcome back to old forum members    Posted in Flute Forum
Hi Kate! Hi Suzi!...
12 Feb
  Expected useful life for Yamaha pads    Posted in Flute Forum
Hi! I have been away from the forum for quite a long time. I am back with a question: Is it normal ...
11 Feb
  Barry Tuckwell´s "Playing the horn"    Posted in Horn Forum
Hello, I've purchased this used book and found that page 21-22 is missing. Could someone send me...
10 Feb
  Feedback on my playing, Alto Sax Funk    Posted in Saxophone Forum
Hello everyone. I did a little improv on a slow funk tune on my alto sax. The quality is kind of bad...
10 Feb
  tip for cleaning cloths    Posted in Flute Forum
I would recommend a thin microfiber cloth considerable texture of it. Glasses cleaning cloths are ge...
10 Feb
  Free sheet music organization app - PrimaVista    Posted in Free Sheetmusic Forum
Brand new version of PrimaVista app is out! It's like Evernote for sheet music (if you haven&#...
9 Feb
  Courses or master post graduate    Posted in Cello Forum
Hello! I am a cellist with argentine Italian citizenship and i would like find out to do post-gradua...
9 Feb
  Fly Me to the Moon Cover    Posted in Voice Forum
Hello. I did a cover on Fly me to the moon by frank sinatra. Any feedback or critique is appreciated...
8 Feb
  Unable to receive verification code and complete registration    Posted in Site Support Forum
Looks like this is a persistent problem that the developer has not fixed. Lot's of posts about ...
8 Feb
  double buzz cause of humming    Posted in General Forum
so here is a question that SOMEONE must have experience with. my instructor notified me that i hum ...
7 Feb
  how to help choir director with brass ensemble    Posted in Horn Forum
I just started playing in a brass ensemble at my church. Unfortunately, the group is directed by the...
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