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23 May
  Ukulele chords for I wanna be with you by Jill hsu    Posted in General Forum
I'm hoping someone can tell me the chords to this song on Obana ukulele. I searched online and t...
23 May
  Guitar line relation    Posted in General Forum
When I play my composition with guitar, the line is loosen perfectly relation to the music theory ...
23 May
  Some advice please    Posted in Voice Forum
Hi, i'm quite new to singing, i play guitar. i really have no clue what to do, or how to impro...
22 May
  Help with new flutes    Posted in Flute Forum
Hey guys...I have actually a yamaha 221 but...I want to buy another one and I want your opinion. I w...
22 May
  Types of Piano    Posted in Piano Forum
Hi all, A very interesting post today. For those of you who perform professionally or even just pla...
9 May
  YouTube piano channel    Posted in Piano Forum
Hello guys ! I am George from Greece and i really love playing piano. I am working on my YT channel ...
7 May
  New Horn Live Stream!    Posted in Horn Forum
The Brass Bench! A comprehensive interactive live stream all about French Horn and Trumpet matinence...
5 May
  Sound of Silence for Guitar and Cello    Posted in Subscribers Forum Forum
I would love to see sheet music for this song....
5 May
  Cannot download PDF of - get HTTP 404 error    Posted in Site Support Forum
When I attempt to download a PDF of the music at
4 May
  Using a dry film lubricant on valve slides instead of valve oil?    Posted in Horn Forum
Would this be a good alternative to applying the standard valve oil for valve slides for my horn? S...
4 May
  Stagefright = Dry mouth = dry reed = death    Posted in Oboe Forum
Hey guys, so I have kind of have a big performance coming up and was wondering about how to deal wit...
3 May
  how to play horn in Bb    Posted in Horn Forum
I was wondering is it is possible to actually play the French Horn in Bb, so I can play trumpet in B...
2 May
  New trumpeter, Can`t play B note.    Posted in Trumpet Forum
I am just learning the trumpet, and am practicing the scale. I can't hit the B note (the one on...
30 Apr
  Trumpet accompaniments for practicing    Posted in Trumpet Forum
Hi folks ! Here some useful play alongs of the most played classical concertos trumpetaccompaniments...
26 Apr
  Where can I find modern waltz music for clarinet    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Does anyone know where I can find some modern waltz music for clarinet ...
25 Apr
  Skype Lesson    Posted in Violin Forum
Hey, everyone! I'm now offering private violin lessons for beginners via skype! Interested? Le...
23 Apr
  Why there isn`t many pieces for trumpet since it has such a big range?    Posted in Trumpet Forum
The range of the trumpet is about three octaves and a bit more, but we have so little classical piec...
22 Apr
  Grand piano in Barcelona metro    Posted in Piano Forum
Grand piano in Barcelona grand piano in the lobby of the Barcelona metro to metro users can touch it...
17 Apr
  Just started cant read music    Posted in Piano Forum
I recently got a piano for my birthday and before I got it I had reserached music and no matter how ...
17 Apr
  Trois PiŤces pour les Percussions    Posted in General Forum
Hello My name is Robin Binon, Iím a studying percussion at Lemmens Institute and Iím in my 3rd year....
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