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24 Jul
  My trombone sound has changed.. from obscure to bright.. why?    Posted in Trombone Forum
Hellow everybody.. I hope this post is in the right place.. If It is not, I apologize I have been p...
20 Jul
  Help, please!    Posted in Horn Forum
As part of my school's recent instrument drive, I acquired an unlabeled French horn. The barely...
19 Jul
  Determine the age of a flute?    Posted in Flute Forum
Can anyone tell me how to determine the age of a flute? Thanks!!...
19 Jul
  Guitar techs    Posted in Guitar Forum
Can any guitar techs offer any advice for shows? Just got picked up as a guitar tech for a friend...
19 Jul
  Volin Tutor    Posted in Violin Forum
Hi Friends. Im a violin tutor. I would love to know which violins to you guys own. Kindly share....
17 Jul
  Tamborines to Glory    Posted in Piano Forum
Hello, Can anyone tell me how to find out the value of old sheet music? I inherited the entire colle...
15 Jul
  Chat for those who loves folk    Posted in General Forum
Hello, I enjoy listening to Irish folk music a lot. I want to start playing Irish/Welsh harp but I t...
15 Jul
  AWESOME song for those who loves classical music!!!!!!!!!!!!    Posted in General Forum
That's just perfect... When it was the 1st time I heard it I thought it would bring me to the V...
13 Jul
  Wedding music    Posted in Violin Forum
Hi I might be playing at a wedding soon and was wondering do you know any good pieces to play?
13 Jul
  Shostakovich Piano Concerto 2 II- andante    Posted in Free Sheetmusic Forum
Hello! I'm searching orchestra parts of this concerto. You know: violin, cello, etc. parts of th...
12 Jul
  Looking for help identifying horn    Posted in Horn Forum
Recently bought a horn on ebay that I can't identify. It has a brasswind mark on the bell, is a...
9 Jul
  I use too much compression when belting?    Posted in Voice Forum
Hi, I'm new
8 Jul
  DipABRSM repertoire query    Posted in Piano Forum
Hi, I'm working on a performance diploma (DipABRSM) and have some queries on my repertoire. I h...
7 Jul
  Beethoven Waldstein sonata III    Posted in Piano Forum
At the beginning of the third movement of Beethoven's Waldstein Sonata, the right hand plays man...
7 Jul
  Piano School in San Jose    Posted in Piano Forum
Those who wish to learn the language of music and want to be more expressive, David Ks Music School...
7 Jul
  Tips to Follow When Buying a Piano    Posted in Piano Forum
Please share your experience - Tips to follow when buying a piano...
4 Jul
  Live Q&A Tomorrow Tuesday 5th 8pm UK time    Posted in Voice Forum
Hey guys I've not been on here for a while but thought I would drop in and say me and Kendrick a...
30 Jun
  Hey here! Hope to be friends))))    Posted in Guitar Forum
Hello! I've been studying as a guitarist for a year (I started lessons when I was 14) but I star...
29 Jun
  Help me find a new trombone??    Posted in Trombone Forum
Hi! I am looking to upgrade to a professional trombone. I currently have a bach TB-200 intermediate ...
28 Jun
  Bach - Partita A Minor for flute solo - Corrente    Posted in Flute Forum
People I'm having a hard time playing this song because I don't know if I should play it
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