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25 May
  Re: New mouthpiece    Posted in Trombone Forum
Just sit there and try to play the high chromatics....
23 May
  Re: Just started cant read music    Posted in Piano Forum
Learning to read sheet music is easy, but if you don't know the alphabet, you'll get nowhere...
23 May
  Re: Ukulele chords for I wanna be with you by Jill hsu    Posted in General Forum
The link is song on YouTube In case you can't find
22 May
  Re: Help with new flutes    Posted in Flute Forum
*E mechanism ...
21 May
  Re: Why circle of 5ths?    Posted in General Forum
Oops! Pythagoras, not Plato, was the dude responsible for "Pythagorean" harmony theory, per my rece...
21 May
  Re: Bauhaus-Walstein Bb/F open wrap tenor trombone (BT-502OW)    Posted in Trombone Forum
Never heard of it. I can recommend some things if you give me a price range. Technically, anything i...
21 May
  Re: strange buzzing sound    Posted in Trombone Forum
Loose solder joint or loose rotor fitting if it's a trigger. I'm sure you can send it out to...
21 May
  Re: High notes    Posted in Trombone Forum
It won't happen overnight. I have 2 points of advice: 1. Remember, it all comes from fast air. ...
19 May
  Re: Which saxophone is best for a beginner?    Posted in Saxophone Forum
I would say probably the alto. It depends though. Some people insist that you have to start with an ...
10 May
  Re: YouTube piano channel    Posted in Piano Forum
I enjoy watching covers. Looking foward to it
6 May
  Re: Hmm.. does anyone know whats Mozart song they playing in the middle is this?    Posted in Classical Music Forum
I agree...
5 May
  Re: how to play horn in Bb    Posted in Horn Forum
Sure, when the Bb horn is played as a horn, it is actually transposed into F. The difference is the...
5 May
  Re: Cannot download PDF of - get HTTP 404 error    Posted in Site Support Forum
Wow! That was a fast fix! Fantastic! Regards, Peter Dann...
30 Apr
  Re: Apartment practicing?    Posted in Horn Forum
I got one of the old model Silent Brass systems. It is very good, and with the ear buds, sound is r...
26 Apr
  Re: Arthur Woodall`s Serenade    Posted in Flute Forum
Try this:
22 Apr
  Re: Tempo of accompaniment    Posted in Site Support Forum
I'm with explorer and Google ty for answering denys ...

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