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  My newest symphony    Posted in Film & TV Music Forum
Hello All! I would like to share with You my newest symphony called "3";
  Re: Types of trumpets    Posted in Trumpet Forum
The choice of which type to buy should depend on the type of music you want to play. Many working tr...
  Re: Valve Guard and Using Brasso on Inner Slides    Posted in Trumpet Forum
I wouldn't use Brasso on the slides. It makes the unfinished part look nice for a while but it q...
  Re: Jazz clarinet for a beginner?    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hi. Does it make any difference which instrument's book you use or what style of music is in the...
  Re: French Horn Identification Help    Posted in Horn Forum
Popular models were copied so frequently, that it is almost impossible to identify. A picture would...
  Re: Mouthpiece Help?    Posted in Horn Forum
I used to play a 75g until I discovered I was reacting to it. Stainless steel only now. I have med...
  Re: Noisy rotary valves    Posted in Horn Forum
If you need new bumpers and your horn has the round slots, I've found that buna-n duro 70, oring...
  Re: Azumi vs. Powell    Posted in Flute Forum
I don't know a lot about Azumi, but I did play a Powell for about 4 years when I was a member of...
  Re: Tuner/Transposer App for learners    Posted in Cello Forum
Amazing I had same idea in the last weeks. I think that idea will be useful for students as they ca...
  Re: Hello from a beginner    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Very clever, the clarinet is a wonderful instrument the result of many decades of invention, one won...
  Re: Conn 6D authentication help    Posted in Horn Forum
Also there is black residue on the inside of the inner bell from when they wrapped the horn and didn...
  Re: FOR SALE: Yamaha MOTIF XS8 88-Key Synthesizer    Posted in Piano Forum
Hello , Thanks for your inquiry. We are selling the Yamaha MOTIF XS8 88-Key Synthesizer ...
  Re: Flute Player needing Oboe help!!!    Posted in Oboe Forum
It really depends on your budget. If you have $2,500 to spend, you can get a modified conservatory i...
  Re: Does piano difficult to learn?    Posted in Piano Forum
I started learning how to play the piano at the age of 17, and believe me, it's so fun and easy....
  Re: Bottom of the page cut off    Posted in Site Support Forum
Hi I'm sorry you're having difficulties with printing. It's very difficult to set things...
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