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  Yamaha Tyros 4 /Korg PA800 keyboard    Posted in Piano Forum
  Re: Name of Part    Posted in Trumpet Forum
I don't know the part's name but you seem to need a stainless steel screw or a piece of SS s...
  Re: How old is ok?    Posted in Flute Forum
I disagree that a newer horn will be more reliable. It rather depends on how the old horn was taken ...
  Re: Piccolo for Marching Band (College student price range)    Posted in Flute Forum
Gemmie makes perfectly good piccs. My silver Gem is as responsive as any player can wish, and blends...
  Re: Can someone please help me with my embouchure?    Posted in Trumpet Forum
How long ago since you got your zit? Has it healed yet? Many trumpet players split their lip(s) duri...
  Re: French Horn Identification Help    Posted in Horn Forum
Okay thanks. Unfortunately, I don't have enough points yet to post a picture yet. I will when I ...
  Re: Types of trumpets    Posted in Trumpet Forum
Now I've managed to find the music from the film sound of it and made enquiries about the band t...
  Re: two pages on same screen    Posted in General Forum
sister, she will not only be surprised but she will be the happiest person in the world for that tim...
  Re: Valve Guard and Using Brasso on Inner Slides    Posted in Trumpet Forum
I wouldn't use Brasso on the slides. It makes the unfinished part look nice for a while but it q...
  Re: Jazz clarinet for a beginner?    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hi. Does it make any difference which instrument's book you use or what style of music is in the...
  Re: Mouthpiece Help?    Posted in Horn Forum
I used to play a 75g until I discovered I was reacting to it. Stainless steel only now. I have med...
  Re: Noisy rotary valves    Posted in Horn Forum
If you need new bumpers and your horn has the round slots, I've found that buna-n duro 70, oring...
  Re: Azumi vs. Powell    Posted in Flute Forum
I don't know a lot about Azumi, but I did play a Powell for about 4 years when I was a member of...
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