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  I Love Elton John And Paul Simon, Itís No Surprise I Love Singer John Mcandrew Too!    Posted in Voice Forum
I love that singer-songwriter John McAndrew reminds me so much of Elton John and Paul Simon. Iíve al...
  Re: Cello Beginner - Introduction and challenges of learning without a teacher    Posted in Cello Forum
I started the cello in February. I created a blog. TheMidLifeCellist dot com. I also have a face bo...
  Re: Please Help :`(    Posted in Cello Forum
Don't be discouraged. I couldn't do it, either, and still can't. I got my big strong hus...
  Re: Need help identifying this trombone    Posted in Trombone Forum
Zach: That's a nice gift! It looks like a 60H, if you see that stamped, then that's probab...
  Re: Type of music needed for a religious wedding ceremony    Posted in Piano Forum
Hochzeitsmusik seems to be a German website selling musical solutions for weddings. So this seems to...
OH THANK U! 😅Yes, you may take a look, so just write it, and send it to me (on this forum) ...
  Re: Do Cello strings break easily    Posted in Cello Forum
The strings should last you at least a year + half the size A = 1 D = 1 1/2 G = 2 C = 2 1/2 -> 3...
  Re: How far I got cello strings.    Posted in Cello Forum
What are you talking about?...
  Re: Carl Geyer Bad A/Ab fix?    Posted in Horn Forum
So the horn came back about 6 weeks ago. Great stuff! Fixed by Ian at Best Instrument Repair, and ...
  Re: What is your favorite Muscial Instrument?    Posted in Piano Forum
I defenatly like the piano and violin....
  Re: Transcribing Music    Posted in Piano Forum
Tigera, I do believe that there is a job for transposing music, because I have sheet music in diffe...
  Re: Third octave    Posted in Oboe Forum
First of all, you need to make sure you got a reed which is capable of going to the third octave (an...
  Re: Is it possible to look attractive while playing the oboe?    Posted in Oboe Forum
This is not really very possible. What you can do is to make you look less ugly while playing the ob...
  Re: Best chat application to put on a website?    Posted in General Forum
Well I started researching on my own then. I made a lot of research in finding a chatroom for my we...
  Re: Register key    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hey Clarinetmike. I haven't reached the dizzy heights of the higher register yet but I have seen...
  Re: Hello, world    Posted in Violin Forum
Hi, do I'm needing help because I'm 11 years old, and I'm practicing paganini's 24th...
  Re: Ladies in Lavender sheet music    Posted in Violin Forum
Helooo? 😊...
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