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  Doubling on Euphonium    Posted in Horn Forum
Hi, I've been playing horn for 7 years and I'm looking to learn a new brass instrument. I...
  Re: anyone read this?    Posted in Flute Forum
This board USED to be hopping about 6 years ago. Problem was a bunch of trolls started coming in and...
  Re: Please Help :`(    Posted in Cello Forum
Hi Remember the tuning pegs are only held in by friction and are slightly conical in shape. As you ...
  Re: Muramatsu EX for beginner?    Posted in Flute Forum
I'm 14 and have been playing flute for 5 years now. I'm a good player for my age and good qu...
  Re: Middle octave cracking?    Posted in Flute Forum
Two suggestions from a beginner: (1) Push your lips out. (2) Rotate the flute back to where it use...
  Re: Do Cello strings break easily    Posted in Cello Forum
I have had my cello since April, and I have had my G string break once. That's the only one so f...
  Re: A new cellist!    Posted in Cello Forum
I know you posted this a while ago, so hopefully you've found a cello by now. Just in case you h...
  Re: New beginner cellist    Posted in Cello Forum
I am 36 and begun playing the cello in the spring, after putting it on the bucket list I created whe...
  Re: Can`t play well outside band    Posted in Trumpet Forum
I know this is way too late of a reply, but it sounds as if you're becoming very self-critical w...
  Re: Upgrade from Student Trumpet? (TR300)    Posted in Trumpet Forum
Sorry for having to wait so long for a reply! There are many options from which you can choose to ...
  Re: Overpracticing?    Posted in Oboe Forum
I have found with my students what you are experiencing is a result of trying too hard. Overpractici...
  Re: Optional keywork    Posted in Bassoon Forum
I also use the extra key almost all the time. On my (Chinese!) school-bassoon I am able to go from ...
  Re: Transposing    Posted in Horn Forum
Thank you VERY much! Very helpful....
  Re: Digital Piano 0-700$    Posted in Piano Forum
You may have already bought one by now but here is my 2 cents worth. I bought an inexpensive keyboar...
  Re: B Foot Questions    Posted in Flute Forum
Thanks for the replies. Over the past month, I've continued to ask advice from a variety of peo...
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