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  Scheherazade    Posted in Flute Forum
Orchestra Omaha is doing Scheherazade in a month. I'll be playing the picc part. Practicing da...
  Re: Optional keywork    Posted in Bassoon Forum
Thanks for the response! I currently play a Chinese bassoon, it is a school instrument that I rent. ...
  Re: Yamaha YPC-81R Piccolo    Posted in Flute Forum
Congrats on the new piccolo! Enjoy :-)...
  Re: B Foot Questions    Posted in Flute Forum
I had a b foot on my 1st Yamaha upgrade and a b foot on my current miyazawa and i've never notic...
  Re: A=440 versus A=442    Posted in Flute Forum
I recently played a Hammig picc tuned to a=442 and couldn't even tell a difference. I still pul...
  Re: Can`t feel pinky.    Posted in Horn Forum
I was joking about the exercise. If you're actually interested in doing something like that, tho...
  Re: Music for 4 Horns    Posted in Horn Forum
It's not exactly what you're looking for, but if you haven't heard of the Fripperies, gi...
  Re: Beginner/Intermediate Horn    Posted in Horn Forum
My high school had a Conn 6D that I thought played pretty well. The Conn 6D I had was very responsiv...
  Re: Middle octave cracking?    Posted in Flute Forum
Well I would aim my air down if I were you. Sometimes that happens to me too. I would also check the...
  Re: What is Trance music?    Posted in General Forum
Trance is a genre of electronic dance music.It is characterized by a tempo of between 125 to mid 160...
  Re: looking for a new horn.(Alexander200.103)    Posted in Horn Forum
Stephen, I've not had the opportunity to try the latest Paxman horns, no one really has the avai...
  Re: What is your favorite Muscial Instrument?    Posted in Piano Forum
I play the piano, but I like the sound of the violin.
  Re: Fluted French Horn Mouthpiece?    Posted in Horn Forum
I came across this as well, and put it to a physicist friend. His response was that unless somethin...
  Re: Transcribing Music    Posted in Piano Forum
Hi Freya, Thank you for your response! I never thought about expanding beyond YouTube. That is a ...

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