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  Re: Embouchure Problems?    Posted in Horn Forum
Your description of the problems you encounter suggests to me that you are using too much lip pressu...
  Re: Third octave    Posted in Oboe Forum
I know quite a few intelligent, polite horn players who aren't A-holes on forums...and charlesjs...
  Re: Ian Clarke. Deep Blue    Posted in Flute Forum
I'm sure there is a copyright on it making it illegal to give out a free copy of this. Sorry......
  Re: Transcribing Music    Posted in Piano Forum
I would like a song transcribed if you are able to do this. I have been looking for "Safe" by M83 pi...
  Re: How old is ok?    Posted in Flute Forum
I would recommend that you go shopping with someone who is experienced in music, but more specifical...
  Re: Is it possible to look attractive while playing the oboe?    Posted in Oboe Forum
um yes i do it every day. but no really FRENCH HORN RULEEEZZZZ...
  Re: What is your favorite Muscial Instrument?    Posted in Piano Forum
my favourite one is violin...
  Re: Cello Beginner - Introduction and challenges of learning without a teacher    Posted in Cello Forum
I started the cello in February. I created a blog. TheMidLifeCellist dot com. I also have a face bo...
  Re: Please Help :`(    Posted in Cello Forum
Don't be discouraged. I couldn't do it, either, and still can't. I got my big strong hus...
  Re: Need help identifying this trombone    Posted in Trombone Forum
Zach: That's a nice gift! It looks like a 60H, if you see that stamped, then that's probab...
  Re: Type of music needed for a religious wedding ceremony    Posted in Piano Forum
Hochzeitsmusik seems to be a German website selling musical solutions for weddings. So this seems to...
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