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  Old songs Karaoke for hardcore karaoke lovers    Posted in Popular Music Forum
This is an introduction to one of the most basic questions in the philosophy of music. The course in...
  Re: Embouchure Problems?    Posted in Horn Forum
Your description of the problems you encounter suggests to me that you are using too much lip pressu...
  Re: Third octave    Posted in Oboe Forum
I know quite a few intelligent, polite horn players who aren't A-holes on forums...and charlesjs...
  Re: Ian Clarke. Deep Blue    Posted in Flute Forum
I'm sure there is a copyright on it making it illegal to give out a free copy of this. Sorry......
  Re: Transcribing Music    Posted in Piano Forum
I would like a song transcribed if you are able to do this. I have been looking for "Safe" by M83 pi...
  Re: How old is ok?    Posted in Flute Forum
I would recommend that you go shopping with someone who is experienced in music, but more specifical...
  Re: Is it possible to look attractive while playing the oboe?    Posted in Oboe Forum
um yes i do it every day. but no really FRENCH HORN RULEEEZZZZ...
  Re: What is your favorite Muscial Instrument?    Posted in Piano Forum
my favourite one is violin...
  Re: Cello Beginner - Introduction and challenges of learning without a teacher    Posted in Cello Forum
I started the cello in February. I created a blog. TheMidLifeCellist dot com. I also have a face bo...
  Re: Please Help :`(    Posted in Cello Forum
Don't be discouraged. I couldn't do it, either, and still can't. I got my big strong hus...
  Re: Need help identifying this trombone    Posted in Trombone Forum
Zach: That's a nice gift! It looks like a 60H, if you see that stamped, then that's probab...
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