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  UK SONGWRITING CONTEST    Posted in Voice Forum
UK SONGWRITING CONTEST UK Songwriting Contest: New for 2015, Future Music is launching a UK songwr...
  Re: What`s the highest (actually beautiful) french horn note you`ve heard in a score?    Posted in Horn Forum
For high notes of the beautiful kind have a listen to Schumann's brilliant 'Konzertstuck for...
  Re: Scheherazade    Posted in Flute Forum
  Re: Powell Signature v. Haynes Fusion    Posted in Flute Forum
I personally feel as though the Haynes is made better. The mechanism feels tighter and lighter to me...
  Re: What have I purchased? :-/    Posted in Flute Forum
It could be a music store made flute and privately sold only through them. I have seen this in local...
  Re: OK to put pad paper under closed keys when not playing?    Posted in Flute Forum
As long as you are using the non powdered kind. Also make sure you are not pulling it under the key ...
  Re: A=440 versus A=442    Posted in Flute Forum
A442 shouldn't be a problem. Most orchestras now a days tune to that and most flutes being made ...
  Re: Yamaha YPC-81R Piccolo    Posted in Flute Forum
The biggest problem I have had on it was the scale and intonation issues. I went with a Burkart beca...
  Re: Middle octave cracking?    Posted in Flute Forum
Start trying to use different muscles in your lips. ...
  Re: Muramatsu EX for beginner?    Posted in Flute Forum
I think that a Muramatsu EX for such a young student would be over kill. You can get a nice Yamaha 2...
  Re: anyone read this?    Posted in Flute Forum
I haven't been on this site for the past couple of years. I used to post under a different name ...
  Re: Temperature drop    Posted in Bassoon Forum
Since the case is padded, it may slow down the warming up or cooling down of the bassoon. I will ta...
  Re: Change music composition by tercet    Posted in Composition Forum
change is good
  Re: Christina Grimmie from The Voice has a great new single!    Posted in Popular Music Forum
very pretty work...
  Re: listen this nrw release    Posted in Film & TV Music Forum
  Re: What is Trance music?    Posted in General Forum
Its a style of 4/4 electronic dance music. ...
  Re: Register key    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Great! I've recently started the work reaching the higher notes. This far I'm ok up to two-...
  Re: Doubling on Euphonium    Posted in Horn Forum
I doubled on a sousaphone and trombone for marching band in high school. As long as you're not p...
  Re: Cello & double bass - can they share part?    Posted in Cello Forum
Of course. My school orchestra only has one bass. (I know right) so sometimes some of the cellists w...
  Re: Sheet music not available    Posted in Site Support Forum
It works now. Congratulations for your excelent and ultra-fast service!...
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