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26 Aug
  Soul music    Posted in Voice Forum
hello world my name is Noya and Im a musician and singer. I produce my own style of soul and jazz ...
26 Aug
  Re: Tips for beginning/intermediate    Posted in Flute Forum
24 Aug
  Re: Mouthpiece-Which One Would Be Easier    Posted in Horn Forum
I am 12 years old and play french horn, I had played for 4 years when I got braces. It is SO annoyin...
21 Aug
  Re: WRONG SIZE Open-Hole Flute Plugs    Posted in Flute Forum
Hi there, Since I don't know precisely what kind of plugs you have (they vary from shop to shop ...
17 Aug
  Re: Clarinet to bassoon    Posted in Bassoon Forum
Hi. I can read from the bass clef, as I play a bit of viola and my orchestra teacher had me read cel...
15 Aug
  Re: New Horn student--instrument recommendations?    Posted in Horn Forum
We just brought home an older YHR-668 horn, it has been recently regulated and as best I can tell is...
15 Aug
  Re: IV International Violin Competition    Posted in Violin Forum
The deadline for the application forms has been postponed to 30th October 2015....
15 Aug
  Re: Costa Barcelona Music Festival 2016    Posted in Classical Music Forum
I'm from Barcelona and I really recommend it. If you are from Spain at this time, not only you w...
15 Aug
  Re: Toscana Music Festival 2016    Posted in Classical Music Forum
Wow... I wish i could go......
10 Aug
  Re: Valve Guard and Using Brasso on Inner Slides    Posted in Trumpet Forum
How long does the shine last?...
10 Aug
  Re: Question about wax and tenons?    Posted in Bassoon Forum
I rub it on & then melt it in. Works for me....
4 Aug
  Re: Chords which should avoid    Posted in Guitar Forum
I would start with common open position chords such as C, G, D, Em, and Am. You find that there are...
2 Aug
  Re: High notes    Posted in Trombone Forum
Thanks for the reply. I'm still stuck here where I can't slur up to neither Ab or Bb with o...
1 Aug
  Thanks for the nice words Maggie Peters    Posted in Introduce Your Band Forum
I particularly enjoyed your comparison to John Cage and Terry Riley. Reading this review made me so...
1 Aug
  Re: Halifax Trumpet ??    Posted in Trumpet Forum
I saw a video today showing the Blackburn trumpet. Blackburn is the name of the designer so maybe in...
31 Jul
  Re: Bass clarinet to tenor sax    Posted in Saxophone Forum
The tenor is in bflat. The fingering is totally different - for a start on the sax by pressing the ...
30 Jul
  Re: Silver Selmer Manhattan (c1930)    Posted in Trumpet Forum
Thank you for your thoughts ............
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