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aka Allison Reed
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Date of birth : 14 May 1993
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About Me
Allison Reed
Age: 15
DOB: May 14th, 1993
Sex: Female
Main Concert/Marching Instrument: Bb Bass Clarinet
Marching (this yea)- Tenor Sax
Main Jazz Instrument: Baritone Saxophone
Other instruments: Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, and various percussion

Hi i`m Allison, im 15 and am currently in 10th grade I`m what alot of people call "a major band geek" If anything i take that as a MAJOR compliment. I love band and basically all aspects of it. Music is my soul, my passion, and my life.

You can check me out at , please do look into it, i love to talk about music and i`m open to learning new things about it, so if you want to chat hit me up!. Or if you just need someone to talk to i`m always here. And if you have some pressing matters, my cell number is always available. ^_^

I enjoy any and all forms of Art. This would include: Drawing, writing, music, etc. I officially play the Bass Clarinet In the Newaygo High School Marchign and Concert Band, and i play Bari for the Jazz Band

Visit me on Myspace!!!!!!!!...

I love Rock, Metal, and anything related, i would list the bands i like, but it took me like 20 min to do that on my Myspace, and i have no desire to do it again ^_^

I love you Brittanie


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W000o0oo0ot!!! Bari players rock!! Haven't tried one yet ... So how are they different than Altos? Harder or easier?
7 years ago

You play the clarinet? Probably not as good as me. I can play very very fast.

How fast can you play? The other day smoke came off my clarinet and I was worried that I might have melted the plastic on my vintage vito clarinets but that wasn't the case thank goodness.

So how good are you?
7 years ago

hey we have the same birthday! cool...well i am 2 years older but whatev.
7 years ago

Hello. Nice to meet you?

7 years ago

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