G. Ph. Telemann : Concerto a Tre - Minuet

G. Ph. Telemann : Concerto a Tre - Minuet

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Concerto a Tre - Minuet
G. Ph. Telemann
for Flute 

Monday, May 25, 2009
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I made these files for my practice. The original from Telemann is described as Trio for Flute (recorder), horn or Viola and Cembalo or Basson or Cello. This viola version, taken form the original horn version is now checked for correct transposition and is believed to be correct, though some doubts concerning the viola range are still not clarified. The midi file can be useful to input in an editor and make changes. Some corrections have been added now and the Tempo is quarter = 140 Feel free to comment about this and please comment any errors you may notice. thank you

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Thanks for responding. I have to admit, I hadn't really twigged that is was a synthesiser; that certainly explains the lack of dynamics. At the end of that first movement I really let rip as the horn (viola) part goes up to the top note, giving a really nasal sound from my battered old instrument. I was busy filling holes in a database while listening so only get a general impression but it was good being able to hear it instead of just playing. Good luck with it.

6 years ago

Hi Chis,

Thank you for your comments. The whole movement I uploaded is made with synthesized instruments, there are no real players. It lacks lots of dynamics and all sentiment becasue it is difficult or impossible to include many details and get them rendered correctly with synthesized instruments. Also, This was for my practse mainly, to learn correct entries and other issues.

It is slow because I am a student and have to play it slower than normal. I am glad you liked it anyway.
6 years ago

I love this piece and have been playing it on the natural horn with flute and two bassoons (who share the continuo line, adding extra colour contrasts) and we have a great time. ) In fact we have performed it in public a couple of times. I am waiting on getting a decent natural horn after which it will become part of our standard repertoire.

I have to admit that I found the track a bit base heavy and lacking in dynamic variety but it was pleasant to listen to nonetheless. I found it a bit slow as well but that is because I am used to playing it faster than that.
6 years ago

I like it, cello and flute sound very good together, plus the viola harmony. Very classical, I love it! :D
7 years ago

Sounds great I love it it's great... put one up of the bassoon
7 years ago

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