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Composer Title File Types Instrumentation Plays Uploaded
David Bruce Carouselle Piano  17145 8 years ago
David Bruce Hard Rock Boogie Piano  26443 8 years ago
David Bruce Bydgoszcz Blues Piano  25545 8 years ago

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Fur Elise
by Ludwig Van Beethoven
for Piano 

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Fur Elise
by Ludwig Van Beethoven
for Piano 

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Silent Night
by Trad.
for Recorder 

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8notes.com_admin's Drum Riffs

Riff Title Artist Comments Rating
Reggatta de blanc  The Police Read (2)
Sunday Bloody Sunday  U2 Read (5)
Papa's got a brand new bag  James Brown No comments yet
Straight Rock  Not listed No comments yet
Hard Rock Beat  Not listed Read (1)
Disco Funk  Not listed No comments yet
Reggae in 3  Not listed No comments yet
Tango  trad. No comments yet
Waltz  Not listed No comments yet
Marching in 4  Not listed No comments yet

8notes.com_admin's Grooves

Groove Title Artist Comments Rating
Waltz  Not listed No comments yet
Funky Samba Groove  Not listed No comments yet
32 beat rock  Not listed No comments yet
Nice   and funky No comments yet
Simple March  Not listed No comments yet
Guitar Pop  Not listed No comments yet
test  test No comments yet

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The Eye of Night
the eye of night

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Please add more bass clarinet music. Thanks!
3 months ago

Hiya....great resources...brilliant site but since changing my computer for one with windows 8.1, your metronome no longer plays!! Any ideas?

4 months ago

great job on the site!
3 years ago

lol. i was wonderin when that was gonna happen. my intention is to have a clarinet only part for for every song so everybody who plays can save paper and ink.
4 years ago

This website rocks! More power to you.
4 years ago

ok thanks man this site has really helped me out
4 years ago

also i dont mean to be nitpicking but Sonata in Bb second movement complete has a broken link to the clarinet only part...
4 years ago

i noticed something peculiar about the clarinet part i just requested, Nocturne Op.32 No.1. when i clicked on the part for clarinet, it went to Prelude in E minor Op.28 No.4. idk if its just a problem with my computer or it was an accident in making... btw awesome site!
4 years ago

Dear David,

Great job. Fantastic site. You have done wonderful job. This was the platform for me to begin my flute learning & make new freinds who are Flute & music lovers. I shall start recording & uploading my videos soon.

I am pasting below a link for one of my first "Flute recordings" ( Bansuri E scale ). "Scarborough Fair"

I would be glad to have your comments posted at the site below the video. Your comments shall be highly valuable to me as it would be somekind of encouragement.

Love & Peace


4 years ago

Emm..there are only two pieces of free sheet music for the ukelele..It would be nice if there were a few more. This site has helped me tremendously. Thanks.
4 years ago

I'm pretty sure you just changed this, as I already have seen my inbox get a mesage and it was great to know without having to check my profile or email. Thank you so much
5 years ago

I LOVE the site, but I have one suggestion and that's that an asterisks shows in the top right of your screen when you have a friend request or unread msg on your profile. I and others often times don't see these as we rarely go to our profile pages. Thanks : )
5 years ago

thought of some more basic things to add to the list.
Do you think you could add baritone saxaphone, soprano saxaphone, tenor saxaphone, and maybe alto to the existing "saxaphone" choice? Thanks,
5 years ago

Hey can you get some more trombone sheet music on here? I have been looking everywhere for Poker Face by Lady Gaga on trombone and can't seem to find it. It would be great if you could put that on here!
5 years ago

Thanks for the changes. Much appreciated.
I suppose I could go on and on...but I'll pity you
5 years ago

Hi! It's nice to meet you *em* or your avatar, I should say.
Just out of curiosity, why aren't instruments like english horn and piccolo on the "I play ______ list" for when you fill out the information on your page? It would be really cool if you could include those instruments, or even make an "other" option where you can type in names of instruments not on the option list that you play.
Thanks for all you do, this is really an awesome site!
5 years ago

i cant seem to find any of MY drum riffs on the database. how do i do that?
5 years ago

i think i just had subscribed and im not a subscriber somethings wrong...
5 years ago

i mean famous
6 years ago

i wish my site was as famoos
6 years ago

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