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I played clarinet for 6 months, but i beat out the rest of everybody in the band, so i quit (i know that doesnt make sense but it was too easy!!), i picked up the alto,too good at that too (i dont know where that talent went). Then i picked up the Bari, and taught myself how to play in 1 day!!!
I love Baritone Saxophone and Horses.
I never thought i would want to major in music but bari inspired me.
YOU ARE MY TRUE LOVE BARI SAXI!!! I will never forget you, even tho you dont have a low a key, i will miss you win i pick up that shadow cannonball bari sax. I LOVE YOU!!

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OMG this is my faveoritesest song EVER!!!! and i love the leadsinger!!

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BTW b-e-a-utiful bari as your default :]
4 years ago

hi :]
your rant on baris impressed me lol
do you do jazz and march?
4 years ago

man thats cool u r just like me then b/c i stared clarinet and to eassy then alto too easy and now bari. i havent got any scholorships yet but hope to and my high school band teacher already loves the way i play only once he heard me. but i also was thinking of a cannonball shadow bari sax. not to expensive either thx.
6 years ago

I play bari sax too, I am the only baritone sax player my band has had for years and everyone is surprised when I tell them, they think girls can't play.! But I think Baritone Sax rocks!
6 years ago

How you been? I'm pretty good.
6 years ago

Haven't seen you on the message boards for a little while...welcome back!
6 years ago

I'm learning the bari sax. Do you want to be my friend?

I feel kind of pathetic asking that...
6 years ago

Hey, do you wanna be my friend?
6 years ago

Hi, I'm Megan. Bari sax is a way cool instrument.
6 years ago

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