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Flute sales specialist on break.


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Hi Kate

Long since no news? Hope all well with you? Your flute pictures are amaging. They look well crafted.

Hope you did check my last video. Anderson Oboe with Birds?

Take care

4 years ago

Having a bit of insomnia today and thought I'd read some forums. I don't usually come here. Ran into your discussion on Gemeinhardts. Just had to tell you, that was the worst thing to read for someone who wants to get back to sleep. I'm LMAO. All well put!

I too suffered through a Gemeinhardt in high school. When I needed a step-up, that's what I bought b/c that's what everyone in band had. I figured it was the very best flute out there. I spent years thinking I could never improve my tone. Then I found....everything else.

Take care,
4 years ago

Hi Kate,

I am glad you are back & did care to convey the message that you are back. I suggest you pls send me a message through my inbox so that I can share my e-mail id with you.

Your profile picture looks really great. I like the rabbit too.

Hope you did check my latest video & the one with blackie too. I am sure you may be wanting to share something about my video.

Good to have you back

Love & Peace
4 years ago


Thanks for your comments on my old Sound Of Silence. Your guess was right. Pls check my new video. I have furnished link on the same thread. I have created a uniqe blend of Western & Indian music.
Since you have blocked messages so I had to post comments.

4 years ago


Nice profile picture, very creative. You seems to be an animal lover. Pls check my Scarborough fair video, you may like.

Love & Peace
4 years ago

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