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aka Fred van Keulen
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I am Dutch, very poor, sick and weak, suppressed.
I play guitarpieces whenever I can and lots of times this looks stupid. My mother would have wanted this, but she has been locked up by bad doctors and bad familymembers in the area where she was born. I could not help her, but still believe I might find her again, at least, this is what I pray to God. I have never gotten to know my real father. Diena van Keulen, 24-09-1920, Wijhe, Netherlands, are the data of my mother. She bought and gave to me lots of guitars. Also she bought togelther with me several cars when I still had my driver`s license. My driver`s license was taken away from me by stronger people, but not for a valid, serious reason. Driving brought me closer to my mother, and the same way her life was taken away from me.
I would still like to have my driver`s license back, but we never had a computer during my driving years. It was to late to protest probably. I feel suppressed and humiliated deeply and wonder whether I will find my mother again alife and well. My guitar playing is futile and silly and I try to use it to cool of. I have no commercial prospects. At home with my mother, it would have been nice to play these free classical pieces of sheet music from Often I have to depend on other people`s guitars which might be available. Preferably I`d like to pick up for free under these circumstances a second hand guitar for free. They break down easily on the streets. Mostly people take advantage of me, physically, or financially, for I tend to be a little bit to submittive, because of the consternation

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I made a mistake. Those two "Sonatines" don't belong to each other, they don't match. I was listening inside of the UWV whether I was playing the "minuetto" about right and I noticed the error I had made; there was I page missing. So I made a print-out, they not always doing difficult it seems. The other, I mean the "maestoso" (also called "sonatine")I find somewhat, makes more fun on the guitar, for it sounds less sticky than the minuetto, but on the other hand sometimes I don't mind sounding like a mechanical nightingale

3 years ago

These last few weeks I practice dayly playing Sonatine Mauro Giuliani Minuetto as well as Maestoso, so that's 3 pages. It is nice to be able to return to standard notation. Also some pages of for instance Air on a G-string appeal somewhat because of the fact that the second page formost gives me some trouble trying to get into the groove, so to say.
3 years ago

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