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About Me
I`m the new section leader of the middle voice section in the band. It`s sooo much better than just being the mellophones...A. because my other mello WOULD NOT listen or play or anything...B. She quit so it`d be just me and that aint no fun is it?? Heart break is the hardest thing you will ever go through. It sucks major...butt? It cripples you till you just want to die...
I`m thinking about joining DCI next year. I want to join either: The Blue Devils, The BlueCoats, The Boston Crusaders, Glassman, or The Phantom Regiment. The only thing is...getting my parents on board :( They dont want me to do it but I`ve been looking for support from my peers and band director to convince them.

I`m a HUGE band geek!!! I play the French Horn(the awsomest instrument in the world!!!) at a small-town school called "Clay City". (*~NOTE~*: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT TRY TO EAT A BUNCH OF JUNK FOOD BEFORE MARCHING BAND PRATICES TO TRY TO GET SICK SO THAT YOU WON`T HAVE TO PRACTICE!!! Believe me, it doesn`t work!!!) I laugh A LOT!!!
I also play mellophone when I`m in marching band and pep band, I can play trumpet, piano, a tiny bit of guitar, and percussion when I`m in Winter percussion...or when I`m just screwing around in the band room! I`ve recently became a member of Winter`s ALOT harder than it looks!!! I also sing and act in my community theater. I sing soprano and alto. I love singing and playing harmony!!! It`s the meat of the musical sandwhich. :)
I like Broadway music the most, but I do like country, rock, and some pop music. My favorite musical is Wicked!!!(Defying Gravity is sooo totally the story of my life!)
IF you have ANY questions about me, message me or post something on my profile and I`ll be happy to get back with you!!! =]

~10 Obscure Facts About Me!~
*I`m only 5`3" =,[ I`m one of the shortest kids in my whole grade!
*I`m a Christian! Jesus Rocks!
*I can play EXPERT on Guitar Hero! \m/, ,\m/ OH YAH! LOL
*In 7th grade I figured out the pattern to transposing ALL instruments and musical theory! I wasn`t even in band for a WHOLE year by then! LOL
*I`m blonde haired and blued eyed
*I`m awesome at speaking Spanish! I`m going to major as a Spanish teacher at the best college ever...PURDUE!!! Go Boilers!!!
*I show cows in 4-H COWS=POWER!!!
*I`m secretly a ninja! Hiyah!
*I can play two mellophones at once! REALLY REALLY hard to do!
*I want to be friends with EVERYONE!!! Awww! =]
Music, playing music, band
Computer Graphics Designing
Perry the Platapus from
Watching the TV show "GLEE" *~Go Mr. Shoe!!!~*
The AMAZING movie Dispicable Me!!!!!!!

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BlueCoats 2010 Metropolis
I saw this band in the middle of July...the most amazing thing ever!!!!

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Hey everybody. I havent been on FOREVER...sooo if you need to get ahold of me or stuff, catch me on Facebook. LOL
4 years ago

I <3 DCI!!!! Going to go see a LIVE performance and competition on the 13TH!!! Blue Stars, Boston Crusaders, and Phantom Regiment are going to be there!!! No Glassmen though... Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Wickedness!!!
4 years ago

Yeah, I found your band. I got the right one. Some of the music you guys played was from "Rondo Alla Turca", right?
4 years ago

I found a few on that Indianamarching site. It was pretty good. Rondo Alla Turca, right? (or did I find the wrong band?) I didn't get to see the whole show...

Here's another's of our rival, who went to grand nats and took 15th. They're the best in Utah...but wait till next year!
4 years ago

Do you have any vids of your marching band? I'd be interested.

4 years ago

Thanks for watching it. One was called "Waves" by Richard Saucedo, and the other was "Matter", and I don't remember who wrote it.
4 years ago

Thank you. Yes, it's my marching band. Dear Old Davis High School.

4 years ago

Hey sorry it's been taking me a while to write back, my laptop at home has been out :p so i'm using the one at school.

But I know what you mean. There's some section leaders around here that think they're so B.A. that they try to put themselves higher then what they really are. It was getting real bad one time that our band director called eveyone in from practice and gave us a long lesson about it. I kind of like to be that section who get's things done but not in the way where I have to be an A. abotu it, you know? I like being the chill guy who knows his stuff and can take care of his section. I'm sorry to hear that though.

Oh oh teacher is coming.

Sucks about your friend I would of got mad at mine to. I'll check it out when I have the chance

4 years ago

haha thats weird cause i have a younger sister in band but she's not into band as much as I am. She plays the trumpet but it's like whatever to her so i'm fine with that, her loss. Lol thats true percussion aren't really serious about band are they. I'm really scared about trying out to cause like you i tend to choke at times when i'm on the spot. I hate it :/ I'm going to try out when the next audition comes up so i'll try and tell you how that goes when i try out.

you live in clay city right?
5 years ago

Really your parents were in marching band thats actually pretty cool. No one in my family was in marching band before. People were able to play instruments but they never marched and so I was the first one to do it. Thats probably why my parents find it kind of dumb. Well since you have a lot time till your try out i would just practice a lot cause i hear it's pretty hard to make it in but idk. I'm really pumped for trying out
5 years ago

Haha yeah i know what you mean. Lol there's some kids at my school who want to try out for revolution/crossman. Lol what's funny is that they said the same thing. We were all talking one time during class about how cool it would be if many of us joined the same group or lol if we all made up the group, which is a definite no for happening. It's cool though, that you wanna try out for so many groups; i would to but i don't have the money for so many camps. My mom doesn't care if I try out anymore after what happened today :/ but my dad is on the edge. Haha it would be cool though if we both made it into the same group.

lol thanks for the pic compliment
5 years ago

Haha i know what you mean. I'm still trying to convince my parents to allow me to try out with them backing me up cause they just think i won't take it seriously :p I was thinking about trying out for either Revolution or Crossman, but i'm not sure :/ It's kind of hard to chose.
5 years ago

5 years ago

thats cool man summer ended so fast dont you think
5 years ago

5 years ago

my favorite musical of all time is 7 brides for 7 brothers

5 years ago

hey how do u like my new pic. I like it it is a pic of my new bikini!!!! It is so hot well not on me
5 years ago

ar right i feel better too
5 years ago

hey sorry about the trash my brother left on your profile
i just got back from camping and found out that he trashed sveral people's profiles even the administrators
sorry wont ever happen again

i used to play clarinet in 6th grade in my school band
now i play alto sax piano and guitar
we can be friends if you like
5 years ago

Hey. What's going on?
5 years ago

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