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I play drums for a rock band and trumpet for a jazz band. I`m 15, live in Australia and love Led Zeppelin. I want to be a pro musician after school but everyone says they make barely enough money to live. My rock band is called Frozen Hammer and we perform both classic and new age rock such as Nickelback, Acdc, Pink Floyd, Jet etc.
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Dude, I completely forgot about you, oh man I feel terrible. Hey, I'll send you Guitar Pro 5 and all the transcribing I have for that song. Let me know if you need any help installing it or whatnot. Sorry for forgetting, I hope you're still interested.
7 years ago

my e-mail is, and if that doesnt work, that would be awesome if you could do that. The sheet music, i only want it if its not too much hassle, if it will eat up too much of your spare time or what ever i'm sure i can live without it. pretty soon my band will be making up a demo cd, so when we've done that i'll put some of the songs on here, we only have one original so far but we're trying for more.

thanks mate
8 years ago

Actually, that band shafted me. I have the songs, but the only way I would be able to get them to you would be through e-mail, AIM or regular mail. So if you want to let me know where to send it, I would be glad to.

About the music though, I could probably transcribe the drums into sheet music, but it would take me some time to transcribe the guitar and bass parts, since they are not my primary instrument.

Its cool that you like the song though, and I would be glad to send you those transcriptions as best I can if you'd like.
8 years ago

Hey, thanks for the good word about my song. Double pedals are great and I could hardly play without one now. I played a Tama Iron Cobra ($300) on the album, but I prefer a Pearl Eliminator ($280). You can get a double pedal for as low as $150 though, the DW7000. Sorry, I dont know if you guys use US Dollars in Australia, but my est guess is you do.

You can pretty much get anything at
8 years ago

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