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If you feel Hump is so good, and I'm sure he is, why are you making him "audition"? You didn't make me do that, Phil!
7 years ago

Finally we meet. Like a great meeting of the minds - our mental processes flickering over the world wide web like a jiggling lightning bolt of the freshest kind.

I imagine that you want to be my friend too. I only have so much space for friends so I usually have them audition for the spot.

Please send me a sound clip of yourself playing three contrasting excerpts from the standard band repertoire plus a solo piece of your choice. Choose wisely because the solo you choose says a lot about you before you even start playing.

Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great, even if you don't get in this time(keep trying).


7 years ago

"What are your credentials?" That was a good question...look at Phil's latest response. Thanks. You seem to be a valuable member of 8notes forum...keep posting.
7 years ago

Hump, your knowledge of musical candence can help anyone with an open mind, and anyone willing to learn. Keep being the heartfelt musician you are...

7 years ago

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