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Well i`m a French Horn/Mellophone in the Robert E Lee band. Freaking love band and playing the French Horn. I`m currently the section leader for the French Horns year of 2009/2010. I`m a jr age 16 planning on trying out for DCI. I kind of want to be the best horn player out there which i kind of doubt thats going to happened but hey i`m going to go as far as I can. Who knows maybe one day i`ll make it to the top. Well get at me, i`ll talk to you back
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I try to be the "cool" kid that chills, but with alotta people not trying, I had to kinda be a Nazi bout getting stuff done and I HATED it! I never EVER had a chance to relax or loosen up! My rookie year and the year after, I was super cool and had fun and made jokes.. Not once did I really have fun at practice this year. I spent nearly 24/7 of my time in marching band season yelling, being p.o., worrying, or crying cuz I was so mad. I don't like cyring in front of people, especially staff or directors...I bawled my eyes out cuz I was so upset at a practice. Don't even get my started on when we didn't go to state.......I've never bawled harder I think. And the people that didn't care just stared at me not caring!!! I hate stupid people at times, you know what I mean. Ugh...I hope it's WAY different this year fosho.
4 years ago

Clay City's a small boon-dock town a little ways east of Indianapolis. It's a good lil town. It's home to the Clay City Imperial Regiment, a decent lil band in ISSMA. My band REALLY made me sooo effing mad this year. It was supposed to be MY year: I'm the new section leader, I got a MAJOR solo in our show, I was part of the "circle" with the instructors and directors. But oh no, rookies and veterans had to ruin it for me and a SMALL handful of others because they were to full of themselves, didn't work, didn't care, were idiots and being stupid, or everything put together. I don't think I've ever gotten so angry at a group of people.

My supposed "bff" at the time told me she didn't want to go to state finals becasue she WANTED TO GO TRICK OR TREATING!! I nearly punched her in the freaking face when I found out. But, she got her wish OFCOURSE. You should visit my band's website, it's pretty B.A. besides for the stupid people on it.
5 years ago

Lol I hate choking on the spot! Like when I'm practicing and stuff I can play WELL but when one of my friends or my band director listens to me...I SUCK!!! It makes me mad! No joke. I had a solo in our marching show this year and even in fron of the band, I choked and messed up sooo many times! Idk why, but I never EVER choked at a competition though. I guess I always had it in me. LOL I don't "technically" live in Clay City. I live in a nearby town called Brazil. Where do you live?
5 years ago

I was the first child in my family to be serious about band. My oldest sis was "in" band but was never a die-heart musician, which is perfectly fine and all. I'm really the only one in my family that's a serious musician. My lil bro's in pit and does marching band with me, but he doesn't understand it like I do...Yet, what percussionist ARE serious bout band?! LOL Lil band joke there LOL I'm nervous bout trying out when I do! I don't do well performing on the spot. LOL I'm a scardy-cat. PROPS to you! Let me know how you do!!! When do you audition??
5 years ago

That would be awesomef we got into the same Corp! My parents definitly aren't letting me try out while I'm in highschool though I wanna try out either the summer after I graduate or the summer I'm a senior. They aren't exactly "band people". LOL They were in marching band back in the 70's...when it was marching symetrical shapes across the field! LMAO. But they just don't understand the idea of marchng band being a profession for me. Oh well, they'll see why way soon enough LOL
5 years ago

Btw...your pic's pretty sweet. LOL
5 years ago

I'm wanting to try out for the Blue Devils, The Blue Kights, The Blue Stars, The Boston Crusaders, The Cadets, The Cascades, The Colts, The Crossman, Glassman, Carolina Crowns, or The Phantom Regiment. My band director said to try out for as many as you can. I REALLY hope I get into Blue Devils, Blue Nights, Glassman, or Blue Stars. Maybe we'll get into the same Corp. LOL Alotta kids at my school including myself are wanting ot try out for Glassman and we were all like Man! That'd be awesome if we all got into Glassman at the same time together! LOL I'm mad cuz my mom and dad are REALLY against me joing DCI and I think that's really stupid. They know it's a good experience for me cuz I want to be a highschool band director but idk why they wont let me:'(
5 years ago

Who are you trying out for in DCI? I'm thinking about trying out in the next few years, but I'm still trying ot convince my parents to let me do it. I can't make my decision who I'm gonna try out for.
5 years ago

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