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I'm 18 years old, and a 'new' violinist. I've played violin for the better of 6 months. I'm still not a hit, but my quality isn't my first priority, I want to enjoy playing. I'm a big anime, manga, ect. fan and I get a lot of my insperation from them. My grandfather forced me to learn guitar when i was young. I played guitar for almost 10 years, then lost interest. After a year or two of not touching my guitar I started playing again little by little, untill the violin grabbed my attention.
Music, games, movies, friends, getting cought up in the moment, day dreaming, lots of anime and manga, 'artistic' clothing styles (Can't really explain it better x.x)


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Thanks to ur encouragement and tips, i managed to learn violin really quick! playing the violin is really fun~
it's just tat there's no one to play the piano accompaniment for me but myself. haha!
anyways, just a quick note to thank u and to let u know i'm still alive and breathing hehehe~
5 years ago

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