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Movie and game music for piano. Classical too.

I have FF-sheets, Zelda-sheets, The Incredible Hulk - The Lonely Man (the one Peter Griffin plays in the Family Guy episode Wasted Talent), themes from movies and series such as Schindler`s List, American Beauty, Pirates of the Caribbean, Twin Peaks ++
On this thread you can find a complete list of all my sheets.

I`ll be happy to share them all for free :)

*edit* I`m currently studying (pure mathematics) and it`s like _lots_ to do, so you might not recieve a reply to your request at once.

*edit2* 26/3/08 - At the moment, I`m taking a semester in Asia, and being a lazy european ... well, let`s just say I`m not used to working over 80 hours a week. Anyhow, it might take even longer to recieve your sheets. But don`t worry, I`ll send them when I have some spare time :)

*edit3* 25/9/08 - Now I'm back in Norway, and thus once again have spare time.


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I'm new to this site, and I was wondering if you could send me the Kuja's Theme sheet music.
I'd appreciate it.

5 years ago

If you are in need of cash or want free things off amazon go to:
I hope this site helps you.......**Please sign up, and help me save money for college**
5 years ago

I would really love to have the Enya, LotR, and Gladiator sheet music you posted on "Re: Sharing my game/movie-sheets" about a year ago. Too late?
5 years ago

I have a question. I play flute, but I would like some of your music. [One Winged Angel and FF Fanfare, preferably. :3]

D'you think I could attempt to get it on flute?

My email[since everyone else is doing it] is:

Thanks in advance!
6 years ago

I noticed that you have Pirates of the Caribbean - Underwater March? Can you send it to me? I just registered for this site. My email is:
6 years ago

could you send me Mystic forest, and if you could "The Office" opening theme? i dont care so much about the office, only Mystic Forest.

my email is

ty much!
6 years ago

Hey there,could I please have the original score for mulan-reflection please?love the song,so I wann try and learn it,thanx :D,
my e-mail is:
6 years ago

My E-mail is
6 years ago

Hi there! Ryan here, o was just wonderimg if you could possibly send me any of Yann Tiersen's Stuff, im mainly looking for Comptine D'une Autre EtE, that would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
6 years ago


I was looking a long time for a sheet music of fog bound from POTC!
Now I found your site and would appreciate if you could send me
Pirates of the Caribbean (for violin) - A Medley including Fog Bound, The Medallion Calls, To the Pirates' Cave, The Black Pearl, One Last Shot
He's a Pirate! (for violin!)

My Mail is:

thanks a lot
6 years ago

I would really really appreciate it you could send me the piano sheet for Thomas Newman - Any Other Name..
Thanks in advance!
My email is
6 years ago

Hello I never thanked you for the other sheets you sent me before!
THANK YOUUUU much love
i have another request...
Can i have Comptine d'ete no.3 by Yann Tiersen? you don even know how pumped i was to see it on your list
6 years ago

Could you by any chance please email me "To Zanarkand," "Melodies of Life," "Ending Theme," and "Vamo alla Chocobo?" Thanks a ton! My email is ""
6 years ago

Hey, could you please send me American Beauty - Any Other Name / Main Theme? My email is

Thank you much!
7 years ago

Hello! My email address is

I happened to find La Valse d'Amelie so could you just send me Le Moulin please?

Thank you very much =)

7 years ago

oh my email is
7 years ago

Hi there! I would love to see the You're Not Alone music sheet. Thank you
7 years ago

i heard from a friend that you have Thomas Newman's music for Any Other Name.
i was wondering if you could send me it or give me a link for it.
My email is..
it is much appreciated if you could. ive been looking for it for ages.
7 years ago

i am looking for sheet music for

Comptine d'un autre été: l'Après Midi

thank you for willing to send it out for freee
you are a really awesome person
my email address is

ty, Simone
7 years ago

Hello! I'm Lydia, and I know loads of people have asked you this, but could you please send me Yann Tiersen's "Le Moulin" and "De Valse D'Amelie" please? I've been looking for them everywhere!

Thanks if you can!

7 years ago

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