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16 in grade seven piano and love it and Brian Jaques books.
Serious interest: Piano,reading.

Fun interrests: Singing, Acting, dressing up, and dancing!!!!


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Hi, Mozartersess, I have always loved "Moonlight Sonata." Though I've had a hard time finding the sheet music for all three movements. I like it beacuse it has such a vivid picture, to help me play it well.
That doesn't really make sense, does it?
It is so easy to just close my eyes. I can picture the moonlight, seeping into all the hidden corners, and searching out the secluded gardens. It is simple to let the moonlight in my mind, slip down through my arms, and out my fingers. Spilling onto the keys and filling the room.
I think that was more what I meant to say.
6 years ago

Thanks Mozartress for the sheet music! I'm gonna go study it now XD
7 years ago

FYI, that wasn't my shrimp! And it's mostly funny because there was Yakety Sax playing in the backround! Ya, maybe the shrimp was confused,and now that you mension it, I do feel sorry for it, but almost any video is made funny (or funnier) by the song Yakety Sax.
7 years ago

Mozartress my email is maybe you spelled it wrong or Yahoo was down. Please try again thanks!
7 years ago


This is a songbook with over 60 Disney songs in it and 'Part of your world' is one of them.


O yeah, our new forum can be found here:

(The request section is on the bottom of the page.)

I hope to see you there ;D

7 years ago

To anyone visiting this page!
I am in grade seven and need to learn how to play diminished sevenths and double octaves. I don't have a clue what they are and neither does my teacher so if any one knows please let ME know! Thanks all.
7 years ago

moonlight soanata is a nice peice remembering the 3 movements are from slow to fast

dont play the first movement too fast as i have heard it played faster than it shoud be played and it dont sound good
7 years ago

Hello Im A Fellow Pianist Too And I Havent Had A New Song To Play In A While, Can You Please Send Me He's A Pirate? I Think It Would Be Interesting To Learn xD, My Email Is
7 years ago

Thanks for your comments - glad you like my music! When I posted these songs I had no idea they'd be as popular; maybe it's time to think again about how freely I give them away. It'd be a shame for people not to have access to them though. I also have a couple of new compositions/arrangements nearly ready, so watch this space!

To answer your question, I'm a Christian. The term 'worship leader' is used mainly in the Methodist church, I think. It refers to someone who's involved with leading a service and the flow of worship - music, prayers, etc. Feel free to ask again if that's not clear! Are you religious yourself?

Phil x
7 years ago

hey mozartness can you send me the "hes a pirate" right hand peice. my email lis
7 years ago

Australian all rightout! i live four hours from melbourne,if you're from europe that would seem a pretty long distance, but by austalian way it's considered quite near to the city. 34 Irelands could fit into Australias second smallest state to give you an idea.
7 years ago

That's a cool pic you have up. Do you live in Australia? I've always wanted to visit Melbourne.
7 years ago

G'day to all who can play Moonlight sonata by Beethoven. I have started trying to learn it but some of you say it is too fast. Any of you who have the right equipment could you please record it so that I can hear it at the right speed. Thanks a lot.
7 years ago

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