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My name is Justin. I`m 25 and I live in Georgia. I`ve always loved the piano but only recently did I take up lessons to learn how to play. My favorite artists include Evanescence, Imogen Heap, Tori Amos, and Enya.
Music, Rollercoasters, Live Shows, Cars, Fancy Restaurants, Travel, Museums, etc.

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"Winter" by Tori Amos
a better version

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U R a very good pianist. I'm sure you'll improve greatly in the future. I hope to hear more of you.

by the way I'm not really hbk. (Just one of his greatest fans)
7 years ago

You are so talented for just starting piano!! I've never seen anyone play that well onless they've been playing for a good few years!! Why oh why didn't you learn how to play when you where a kid, you'd be famous by now. The really unique thing about the way you play is that your playing has feeling, you're not just following the notes but adding your own thing and that takes talent. Well done !! bet that in five years I'll be switching the channels for you on the TV. Keep it up!!
7 years ago

Thanks for replying to some of my posts!
7 years ago

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