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aka Philip Howie
Member Since: 8 Sep 2006
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Date of birth : 18 Dec 1985
Age : 28 yrs
Region : United Kingdom  
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My first instrument is the flute, though I also play piccolo, recorder, piano/keyboard and percussion/drums and sing bass.

I studied GCSE Music at Cheadle Hulme High School and A Level Music at Aquinas College, during which time I played principal flute and piccolo with the college orchestra and with Stockport Music Service Senior Wind Band and sang bass in the college choir. I gained experience at composition, and also at conducting the college orchestra.

I am currently in my third year at Christ's College, Cambridge studying Natural Sciences with specialism in Materials Science and Metallurgy. As a musician I play principal flute and piccolo with the University of Cambridge Philharmonic Orchestra, flute with Christ's College Symphony Orchestra and the Beaufort Ensemble, timpani with the University of Cambridge Philharmonia and have just been appointed Assistant Musical Director of the University of Cambridge Concert Band. I have also played percussion with the Cambridge University Gilbert and Sullivan Society in a week-long run of "Orpheus in the Underworld". I am active in the college chapel and at my local church as a pianist and worship leader.

I am always interested to know what people think of my compositions, so please let me know if you download and use a piece, or even if you only listen. Comments, criticism and praise are all welcomed!

Scores by PhilipHowie

PhilipHowie has 6 Scores uploaded.
Composer Title File Types Instrumentation Plays Uploaded
Philip Howie Reflections Flute  35420 6 years ago
Philip Howie Have you got any room? Piano and Vocal  6925 6 years ago
Philip Howie Melody and Silence (Clarinet and Piano) Clarinet  36705 7 years ago
Philip Howie & Jenny Lester The Saviour's Light Piano and Vocal  19964 8 years ago
Philip Howie Sing to the Lord, all His people Piano and Vocal  19844 8 years ago
Philip Howie Melody and Silence Flute  58372 8 years ago


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I just love your peices! You should write an oboe solo! Hehehe~

Anyways, keep up the awesome work!
6 years ago

The Saviors Light is amazing. I love playing it. I can't wait to here more.
6 years ago

Saviour's Light is great. I'd really like to hear more of what you have. Post more as you get them.

Check out my page and our band page as well. We would love to get as much feedback as possible on our songs.
7 years ago

Philip please post your new song on 8thnotes. I went to your friends site and it's not working. Even if it just a sample.
7 years ago

I played Melody and Silence on my clarinet and fell in love with it. Its such a beautiful song.
And thanks for the encouragement witht he guitar. I'm still practicing the same chords but I'm getting better.
7 years ago

Yes, i will tell you.
7 years ago

Hey Philip! Say, when are you going to post your song that won second place in the contest? Can't wait to hear it.
7 years ago

Hi Philip! I really want to perform your composition of Melody and Silence. My mother loves it, however, she wonders if this is a suitable piece to play in church. If so, can you please send me transposed parts for clarinet in Bb.

Thanks, Sailor-V!
7 years ago

oops. I meant i love yourpieces to play in church.
7 years ago

Hi Philip Say, when are you going to post some more of you worship music up? I love you pieces to play in church. I hope it's legal to just as long as we give the composer's name and don't charge money. hehe oh well p.s. I'm Presbytarian-what are you. p.p.s my unlce is a priest in England.

7 years ago

Thanks for the advice. I'll be sure to take it into consideration on the next song i write.
7 years ago

Hi, I was just reading your profile and I noticed the last bit. Very Dangerous! I know where you're going but one day you may hear some famous muscian (most likly one you hate!) who will be getting thousands of pounds playing your songs! Stop handing around your music, or specify that no recording, selling ect ect ect is allowed with your music. There are people (not very nice people!) who visit sites, especially music, poem and story sites, and nab other peoples compositions for their own use. Better safe than sorry.
But anyway I love your music (by the way what religion are you? That 'worship leader' surprised me!)and I think The Saviours Light is simply wonderful!
7 years ago

You're Saviors Light song is absolutly beautiful! I love it and am starting to learn it now.
7 years ago

I just Recieved your comment Philip. Thank you It doesn't even have to be Blessed Assurance maybe something slow and sad and sweet. But whatever you do, It will be great! Can't wait to listen to more of your downloads.
7 years ago

Hi I am such a big fan of yours. I recently accompanied my music teacher in playing The Savior's Light in church. Both times it was a hit. I saw people crying and I realized just how touching your music is. I would so like it if you would post more of you music up. My piano teacher also plays clarinet and her favorite song is Blessed Assurance. You wouldn't know how much I would love it if you made a wonderful arrangement of yours for Clarinet and Piano for Blessed Assurance. Keep on composing. You obviously have an inspirational gift that touches the lives of everyone that hears your music.

7 years ago

I`ve sent you a private message explaining all xxxx
7 years ago

lol That`s a really good point, although some of the stuff I`ve done/am doing, is really not forgivable and I don`t even want to try and ask for His forgiveness because I don`t deserve it at all xxxx
7 years ago

o wow sounds really fun i will indeed pray for you, even though I`m being a really bad christian atm not good at all xxxx
7 years ago

Thanks I`m really happy at the moment, even though we had a big arguemnt today grrr lol, glad you had a good christmas oooo i do that all the time, in fact im doing it now coz i have an exam next week, n then 1 the week after!!!hehe whats this concert? wb xxxx
7 years ago

Happy new year!!! I know we haven`t spoken in ages! lol I`ve had such a good holiday!!! I started going out with someone else, so it was a really good christmas and new year hope you`ve had a good holiday? wb xxxxx
7 years ago


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