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French Horn
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About Me
Name: Stephanie
Age: 13
Blah blah..
My intersts are really, My French horn!
I love Spending time with my mates.. Chatting per usual!
Im Joining a Dance Class soon, So, That should be fun!
I Play in a Wind Ensemble On saturday mornings 9am-12pm!! I dont know if anyone feels the same.. But When we do our concerts.. All in our concerts uniform.. I feel well proud ;) ANYWAY
Im Joining Army Cadets this year sometime too!, Something ive always wanted to do.. And i think i have what it takes ;o *Means ill Join the army Band ;o WICKED!*
Well, Im Joinging a Gym near me soon, That should also be fun!
This year at school, Is one of the hardest or so ive been told.. Year 9.. With SAT'S And all.. Gotta Try and Keep up with my French horn ;o
Anyway, Enough of my interests..
If you've read this, Post a comment and tell me your interests? xD See if we have anything in common - LOL :) Stephanie xD


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I don't think we have anything in common except our names. I'm Stefanie too! Where are you from?
7 years ago

Hey, don't think we really have anything in common except dance, maybe...just thought I'd say hello!!!
Mary Jo
8 years ago

i wanted to know if you knew the fingerings to a super low E, cuz i have a scale test and i forgot the fingerings to the two octave A flat scale.
8 years ago

heyy! im new on this forum and i was just reading those comments you were talking about, about the C chromatic scale for french horn. thanks so much, i really needed thatttt. im in 8th grade and i have a chair test tomorrow and ihave to play the C chromatic scale and ive forgotten the fingerings.
8 years ago

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Hi Stephanie,
Thanks for the comment Nice meeting you! Welcome to the board
8 years ago

High Five? ;o Confused! that like a hello? LOL! Sorry.. x How are you?
8 years ago

8 years ago

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