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About Me
I am a Senior in the St. Eds Marching Band in Cleveland Ohio. I have been playing since seventh grade and now love it more than ever. It is great. I am the lead trumpet and have two other friends that are very close. Our band is very small, about 63 people total in the Marching Band. We are a competition band and have been competing as far as I can remember. I did play a bit of piano when I was very young. Later I got accustomed to the trumpet from a friend in grade school. I do have some but very little experience on the trombone too. I have been working a lot on improvising lately and just overall getting better. Basically, I have a huge passion for playing the trumpet. I am also in the jazz band and concert band. Jazz band has become more of my thing. I plan on minoring with the trumpet in college. I would honestly say that I am not quite good enough to get a profession or major in music even if I do love it. I basically just plan on at least just playing trumpet throughout my lifetime. I just got a Bach Stradivarius trumpet for Christmas and I am so psyched about it. It is a 2003 but is in very good condition. I also own a yamaha 4335G intermediate trumpet which I play for marching band and other more physical activities. All I can say is that music is my life and I love the trumpet.
I like a lot of different types of music. I like rock, classic rock, pop, reggae, jazz, ska, soft rock, and brass heavy bands.

A bunch of my friends and I are in a ska band together called OkGrandma. It is fun playing ska stuff and just jamming and messing around with our band.

Wynton Marsalis is probably my favorite trumpet player. Although I love so many others.

I just love music, listening to, playing it, taking it apart, just anything about it.

I love spending time with my close friends and family. So much support there.

I also love to answer as many questions on this forum as best as I can. I love to help the less experienced.


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Blues Brothers is pretty sweet! Our show is called crossroads of the american revolution and the two songs are Variations on America and Chester. It should be pretty awesome!
6 years ago

trumpet sectionals started but our band camp doesnt start until August =( but i cant wait until it does... whats your field show for ths year??
6 years ago

anyone haha... i saw u have a ska band which is pretty sick though
6 years ago

hey... hows your band doing and stuff....
6 years ago

6 years ago

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