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>Name: Dendy Allen
>DOB: 19 August 1990
>Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
>Favourite music: fusion of jazz and soul
>Favourite TV show: Total Makeover home edition, F. Men, Grey's Anatomy, Hero, Battlestar Galactica
>Occupation: still a student
>Hobbies: sleeping, watching tv series, sketching, working out, reading (anything but text books....)
interest:45% Interior Design
15% Fashion
15% Music
15% Astronomy
5% Robotics Design
5% Sports and Body Building


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Great to hear from you!!

Here's some answers to those questions:

-Alto saxes and tenor saxes are in different keys (altos=Eb, tenors=Bb). There is also a size difference and sound difference. Altos are used more in classical pieces than tenors, but both saxes have main parts in jazz pieces. While altos can be used in pop, rock, jazz, classical, and many othe forms of music, tenors play a major role in rhythm and blues.

-Saxophonists can play classics. In fact, there are classical pieces written specifically for saxes. I am playing sonatas by Berhnard Heiden written for alto saxes. There is a tenor sax part in Ravel's "Bolero" (which is accompanied by piano, clarinet, and violin). In concert bands (as well as some orchestras), tenor saxes usually play the lower parts (similar to the euphoniums and other lower-pitched instuments), while the alto sax's part is undefined; it can have the melody or the harmony.

Hope this helps!!
7 years ago

Hi!! What type of sax do you play?? I play the alto sax, but I'm hoping to teach myself tenor over the summer. I've been playing for about 4 years. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!!

7 years ago

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