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aka Doug
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About Me
Music is my #1 passion. Thats what i am gifted with and i am glad God blessed me with a great gift. I like to talk so please leave comments
camping,swimming,playing my instrument,and making friends.

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wow i haven't been on here in forever how are you doing? i just graduated! i'm off to college! how are you?
6 years ago

Hey Kid whats up? hav'nt talked to you in a while... how's summer going? well talk to me on the instant messanger or this sometime!!! talk to you later!!!
Jessica Odson

7 years ago

hey if you're talking about instant messanger my email is yea so that's cool you also play the piano...i've always wanted to learn but idk if i have the modivation...idk i'm sure i will one day! all the instruments i play besides the clarinet i've tought myself so i'm sure the piano wouldn't be anyproblem...maybe...HOPEFULLY! lol well yea i hope to hear from you soon and if i don't have an AMAzinG weekend!
Jessica dson
7 years ago

lol no big deal it's good to keep your privacy to yourself. well i hope that everything is going good with your clarinet. do you play any other instruments? well i'lll talk to you later
7 years ago

lol yea i thought it sounded a little different but i wasn't sure if you had a different version of it. that's cool you've been playing so long. i think it's been about seven for me but i love it. i'm going to start playing the violin soon so i'm excited. do you have myspace?
Jessica :Odson
7 years ago

oh i also really like your bouree music...i have to play that to try out for WIBC this fall
xoxox band geeks forever!!!
7 years ago

how long have you been playing the clarinet? hit me back with a comment
Jessica Odson
7 years ago

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