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aka Madison Marshmallow
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Date of birth : 22 Dec 1980
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About Me
Well ain't I just the bees knees?!
Well if you know me,I'm Cheyenne and I play flute(obviously!)and love all my friends on here :]
I'm generally a laid back person but don't get me mad or I'll get inside your face and I'm sure that will cause much pain and discomfort for both of us.
And if you mess with my friend on here,I mess with your face.Get it?Got it?Good.

Well I'm in advanced band(yay!)and I'm in marching band which keeps me well busy and I play pic fer that and I just love it...
well any other information wanted to be known of me,just hit me up with a message on here

I <3 you!!!
Boys lol
and so on and so forth
Now stop readingthis and go make yourself great at whatever you want to be great at cause you can do whatever you set your mind to.And remember,you will always succed no matter what :]

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