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dont hate....hahahaha
playing the sax, clarinet,guitar and everything else listed above.

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Tons and then some. Oh wait, that was a few years ago :P
28 months ago

whats up
5 years ago

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I know! School's consuming me too!
7 years ago

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Sorry I haven't replied, we haven't had the internet for a really long time. I hope that we can still catch up on things.

7 years ago

That's cool... School's been busy for me; I've had sooo much homwork lately...

Great to hear form you!!
7 years ago

Have fun with school!! I won't be on everyday because of homework and whatnot...

My dad calls me wierd stuff, too. He calls me "Nikolean Dynamite" because he claims I said "Yes!" just like Napolean would in the movie... It's really dumb...
7 years ago

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Nothing much. I'm just trying to juggle between writing my music, learning music, and my summer "job" (babysitting my little cousins.) How's it with you?

7 years ago

Not much... Getting ready for school and what not...

What about you??
7 years ago

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