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I'm a come back Horn player. I played in highschool & college. Now that my kids are all grown up, I decided to take it up again. It's even more fun now than before!

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hello there!
6 years ago

Hi! I'm Valerie, a come back French horn player. I played many years ago when I was in high school & majored on horn in college. I didn't play all the years my kids were growing up, but now that they are grown, I decided to take up horn again. It's more fun now than ever before. I love it. I'm excited & very proud about what I've been able to accomplish in 2 1/2 years. French horn is the most awesome instrument in any ensemble, be it orchestra, band, quintet, etc. I just can't get enough of it! Two teachers have really helped me develop as a horn player. One is actually a trumpet player, Jeff Smiley, author of "The Balanced Embouchure." His BE system has given me the range I only previously dreamed of. My other helper is Wendell Rider, author of "Real World Horn Playing", who taught me how to breath, warm up properly & play w/ a nice tone. Valerie

6 years ago

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