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Hello, everyone! I go by Lida, but you can refer to me by my username if you would like. My username, ha-n(e)ul , is Korean for "sky." I really love the sky, so I decided to choose this name to pay... tribute to it. Haha!

I am now a sophomore in college (2009-2010), and I love music. I have played the flute (off and on) for about 5 years and have started playing pipa (Chinese lute) in fall 2007. I have a melodica, but I can`t really play it! It`s awesome though. 8D

Yes, I do name my instruments too. My flute was formerly named Gisella, but it is now Miss (Jane) Marple. I haven`t thought up a name for my pipa yet. My melodica is named Schroeder after the Peanuts pianist guy and also because I misread the brand label as Schroeder. XD Hahaha.

Art in avatar by Imai Kira. Icon... made by me. o_O Hopefully you find it funny.
Art. Music. Lolita. Video games. Food. Sleep... Repeat.

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Break by Emilee Miyamoto
Promotional video for violinist Emilee (Emiri) Miyamoto's new album.

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I bet you'll never see this, but if you do, I'd appreciate some help. Maybe.
You put "dizi" in your interests? Does that mean you play it? If so, do you have any instructional texts or songbooks or methods you can recommend? I have to learn how to play it in a month, and although I do play western flute I've never played a chinese instrument before... and I can learn fingerings and how to get clear tones, but how do I learn the music?
Er. If you don't play it, sorry for bothering you.
Any help is very, very welcome.

8 years ago

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