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aka Jose Luis
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About Me
I am a flute amateur, on my eighth(OMG!) year of private lessons. But I have started this rather late, unfortunately.

Current caption photo is well, you can imagine it.

I always lie a lot or a little on my age in this Forum.
My interests: Music, flute playing, theatre, literature, some sciences (biology, astronomy, cosmology).

I also sing in one choir. Quite busy with it, sometimes.

Scores by jose_luis

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Composer Title File Types Instrumentation Plays Uploaded
J. S. Bach Ouverture in B minor - Sarabande Flute  6791 3 years ago
G.P Telemann Fantasia 2 in A minor - Allegro Flute  21087 4 years ago
G.P Telemann Concerto a Tre in F major - Allegro Flute  11419 4 years ago
G. P. Telemann Fantasia 2 in A minor - Adagio Flute  9333 4 years ago
G.P. Telemann Fantasia 2 in A minor - Vivace Flute  7839 4 years ago
G. P. telemann fantasia for Flute 2 in A minor- Grave Flute  8270 4 years ago
G. Ph Telemann Concerto a Tre - Loure Flute  20340 5 years ago
G. Ph. Telemann Concerto a Tre - Minuet Flute  15440 5 years ago
J. S. bach Adagio BWV 1039 G major Flute Trio  30880 5 years ago

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Berceuse Op.16
by Gabriel Faure
for Flute 

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4 years ago

4 years ago

you really amazed me, how old really are you??? i love listening to the flute..
4 years ago

Hi!. Not yet for the moment. I have been in contact with the artisan in Turkey and he gave me some instructions, but I am recovering from eye surgery and do not want to blow hard on the reed for a while.
In any case I am almost convinced that the reed I received is too hard for beginner. I may order a softer reed to start with.
4 years ago

Have you gotten you Duduk to work?
4 years ago

I see. I had assumed it was the same Böhm system. Thank you for pointing this out.
5 years ago

Let me reword that! (^: The only fingerings that are the same are some in the top octave.
5 years ago

Actually clarinet fingerings are not really like the flutes fingerings. Everything but a couple notes in the top octave are not the same.(I play both.)
5 years ago

I f you like the flute, I believe it is quite compatible with clarinet playing, including the fingering.

It is not so difficult to produce a sound.

Try blowing first into the headjoint alone, as if you were blowing into a bottle, to make it sing. Try to produce the two different sounds that are possible with the headjoint without the body. Once you master that, try adding the flute body and concentrate on the easier notes, such as first octave A. Then you will need a teacher and a book...
5 years ago

I play clarinet... I wanted to play flute but, yet i couldn't blow into it, say my teacher
5 years ago

I play clarinet... I wanted to play flute but, yet i couldn't blow into it, say my teacher
5 years ago

I have just returned from London with one new Nahagara heajoint on my flute. Only that I cannot afford a gold model as in the picture, mine is Silver .950 but still astonishing.
5 years ago

Nice pic! :D
5 years ago

ah...that is just fine with me. sometimes my daughters friends think I am her older sister...who am I to argue with them? I think it is just fabulous!!!!
5 years ago

Thank you for following up my Curriculum Vitae.

I decided that if I was going to lie about my age, it would be better to appear younger than older. I had chosen the oldest birth year in my first profile that was available on this site to choose, now I did the opposite.

I beg your pardon for this little liberty of playing with time. Wouldn't it be nice if this freedom could be real (even a few hours would do, if longer periods were not available). Also, making the birth year not mandatory to show one's birthday would be also appreciated by people like me.
5 years ago

Didn't you used to be a couple hundred years old or something? Why did you decide to go younger?
5 years ago

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