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hi i am Leigh, i have been playing flute for nearly two years now and have a grade 3 (taking grade 4 in November, i am learning clarinet for pleasure but discovering it takes alot more air (and because i concentrate on flute i am a bit out of a proper practice routine),
I like music, playing pc games, and am interested in my flute playing


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thank you so much.
i was really confused as to why people were voting my posts down, while voting up their rude, RACIST, immature remarks.

im starting to get annoyed at all these people
5 years ago

I have 2 Rico Reserve left over from the box of 5 which I haven't taken out of the holders. I'm using 3 of them at the moment. Don't need the other two as I'm using Vandoran and La Voz as my regulars. I'll post them to you to try if you want, no charge. You can contact me on email They are in plastic holders so they shouldn't break in the post.
6 years ago

Account Closed
Hi!! Just wanted to say Hi, I see you all the time in the same forums I am in, and just shouting back at ya! I also remember your kind words on my song. :-)
7 years ago

Hey got your comment
Yeah... low C is a hard note (must've taken me about 6 months to get it perfect lol)
All you need to do it stretch your fingers to fit and open your mouth wider and breathe slower.

This is how I did it, not sure if it'll work for you...
But I'm happy to help ^^
7 years ago

Phil is a true jerk, so don't even bother with him. I think he is the psycho! Good luck with flute!
7 years ago

Hi Leigh ^^
Flute is a great instrument (4 years still there lol) if you need any tips I'm happy to help
Hope to see some stuff from you in the future
7 years ago

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