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Music geeeeeeek!! And proud!!! =]

Heeey! I`m called Brenda (Granny names rock!!), aka Benji. I live in England, and I go to school. just for one more year though! Then I`m hopefully going to join the army as a professional musician. Which is exciting, becuase it`ll be waht I love doing!! They offer great oppertunities =]
Playing music of course ... =]

I play in:
Big Band, Irish band, Small band, String Ensemble, Sax quartet, rock band, also random small ensembles like piano duets; piano and violin etc. and in orchestra. I`m going to start (well try to) a marching band at my school.

I play the alto sax, piano, guitar, accordion, bass guitar, drums, violin, recorder & Tin whistle and now the Trombone!! But my main instruments are the sax and piano.

Fave musicians and composers:
Charlie Parker
Glenn Miller
James Rae


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u want 2 b friends
6 years ago

well i have some friends in england i myself live in the states but w/e.
im a music freak too your not the only one i play the saxophone and the piano you know how it goes lol well ttyl.tyler.
6 years ago

its harder to get to the notes at first, because of the diff in mouth formation. YOu may have issues with air, but i personally don't. I also play Bass Clarinet which is much harder to blow ito than a sax, so i was prepared on that account.
7 years ago

I'm fine. how are you?
7 years ago

Cool, i want to learn hot to play the saxaphone, is it hard to pick up?
7 years ago

How do you manage to play all of those instruments?
7 years ago

you play alot of instruments
7 years ago

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