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About Me
For those who I haven`t told. I am still here and not going anywhere at the moment. I was undergoing a lot of stress for the past 2 weeks. "Love" issues. Not solved yet but i was a bit sensitive in those times so sorry if i got aggressive at any of you people. Won`t be posting up pieces for a while now so sorry bout that.
I am currently undergoing a poll for my next "REAL" transcription (notice the bold lettering Ari LOL)
The list is as follows.
1. The rite of spring (exerps- Stravinsky)
2. Lacrimosa (Mozart)
3. Ride of the valkyries (Wagner)
4. Carmina Beurana (exerps- Orff)
5. Also Sprach Zarathustra (ecerps- Strauss)

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