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Sorry For Being An Immature Kid

As soon as I started High School (or Year 7 to you non-Australians:) I was drawn to music. I started playing a few instruments, but much to my dismay, I couldn`t play a note on the trumpet.
Something was attractive about it, but when I played it, or tried playing it, I thought that somehow and magically, I`d be playing an improvisational jazz solo without knowledge og music.
Of course I was wrong, and nothing but spit came out :).

I then moved on to try the flute.
Even though it was just the head joint, I instantly played a note, one of the 23 students of that class that could blow something out of it. It made me feel good, so I started taking flute lessons with the school.

The saxophone was next, but the lunchtime bell sounded.
Eat lunch, or play the saxophone?

And I never played the saxophone until two years later.

Now, I play the flute, baritone saxophone, guitar, alto saxophone, (teaching myself vocals), and a little bit of keyboard.
I`m not a professional, but I`m not an amateur.
I`m just a musician.

Thankyou Lisa Simpson for being my idol.
Indie, Alternative, Contemporary, Electro Rock, ScreamoPop.
You know, different?

Currently working on;

-Flute: B2+other notes above the staff (Yeah, I`m not a professional)
-Baritone Sax: Solo Improvisations
-Guitar: Chord changes.
-Alto Sax: Senior Jazz Band music (2nd alto)
My Keyboard isn`t working. at all. help?

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hey...i had good hoildays and how was urs?!?!?!? well i definitly like your pick....(i never got to tell you earlier but better late then never!!!! LOL!!!!)
8 years ago

hey do you use bearshare.
if u dont u should becoz its a free music site!!!
all ya do is go to google type in the address bar: and then u click on download!
it is such a good site
u dont pay anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
see ya
Happy New Year 2 u 2!!!
8 years ago

um is it adelaide. im not sure becoz i dont like afl i like nrl!
i live in nsw
8 years ago

Thanks for the encouragement! Glad you like my compositions; I'm working on a couple more, so watch this space. Nice to meet you anyway!
8 years ago

wow... ok so here's me... i would LOVE to go to Australia!!! I started the flute in 6th grade beginning band and I have exceeded far and lots of my friends play brass instruments... (no woodwinds... i fee really left out!!! /but we have a tuba, 3 trumpets, french horn, 2 trombones so we have what we call it: brass band with da woodwind. inside joke for us) I also play gutair and piano/keyboard. I'm twelve like you. LOVE gumy bears, comedy (anything to do with comedy!!!) friends, and typing!!! (i actually love typing more than I do talking...weird!) It's scaring me how much we're alike so i just wanted to say thank you for posting a message on my....message (i guess that's what it's called)... and I want to say.................. HHHHIIIIII!!!!!!!!!
8 years ago

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