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thank you
7 months ago

The transposition (sound/pitch) of the Eb Alto Sax is a major 6th below concert pitch (a piano, amongst other instruments is tuned to concert pitch) - which means the Eb Alto is actually written a major 6th higher to compensate for this. Similarly the Bb trumpet sounds a tone lower than concert pitch so is written a tone higher to compensate. Therefore it follows that to play a piece on the alto to be in unison with the trumpet there will be a difference of a perfect 5th e.g. A piece in C major for the piano will be written in D major (a tone higher) for the trumpet and in A major (a major sixth higher) for the alto sax. Therefore, a piece written in C major for Bb trumpet (which equates to Bb major in concert pitch) will have to be written in G major (a fifth higher than the trumpet) for the alto sax to sound in unison with it. If you look up on a search engine something along the lines of "transposing instruments" you will find a fuller (and possibly simpler) explanation than mine.

10 months ago

could anyone tell how to transpose some intruments (like trumpet, tenor sax) to a alto sax Eb please?
10 months ago


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