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Elizabeth is my middle name, but I like to think of myself as an Elizabeth when I play music. It`s like a different personality, and therefore deserves a different name, so why not Elizabeth? It`s a gorgeous name. It defines me.

My whole family is musical. It`s always been a part of my life, and I wouldn`t have it any other way.
Obviously, music. I don`t think I need to elaborate on that one for a site that`s only visited by people of the same interest. I`m going to school for conducting in the summer. I love love love the cello and piano, and I`m always singing. But my true love will always be the viola, I can`t turn my back on the instrument that introduced me to music <3 <3 <3 !!!

I also like biking and dancing and running and classic literature and film-ology and etymology and so on and so forth.


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Hey there again...I notice it's difficult to make musical friends here on this site, so I thank you once again for becoming friends and at least having some cross talk once in a while. I've been trying to get a few people to experiment with writing but so far, no one's been daring enough to try. I use a software application called Songwriter (2005 version) by Finale. For me it works well and not that expensive. I was thinking that if another person has the same software, we could exchange files and build a composition, perhaps 4 bars at a time. That is, trade the file back and forth, as each person adds 4 measures of whatever they come up with, not changing anything the other person wrote but adding to it until someone decides to end the song. Personally, I think it would be challenging. What do you think?
3 years ago

I do have a group of friends to play with often, but I've never really thought of collaborating. It's sounds pretty fun, though.
3 years ago

Hey Elizabeth...thanks for the response. For me, I'm experimenting with violin, viola and piano. I too write from the piano, but I try coming up with diffferent melodies from my strings. Do you have a group of people that you play with on a regular basis? That is, friends that get together with you and play? Have you ever thought about writing with others(collaborating)?
3 years ago

Yes, I've written things for viola before (mostly adagios), but I like playing other people's stuff more than composing, as far as the viola is concerned. when I write it's usually on the piano.
3 years ago

...So have you written anything for viola? Or any other instrument or combination of instruments?
3 years ago

I liked Your explanation about the Elisabeth-stuff :-)
3 years ago

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