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About Me
I`m an experienced muscician. Also, i`m 13 years old. I`ve been playing the guitar for 2 years 7 months. I`ve been playing the piano for only 7 months but i consider myself an intermidiete player because in piano class my average is literally 100%. I`m also interested in technology and electronics. I consider myself to be a rocker, but then again, i`m probably the only one who thinks so because there`s a dress code at school. By the way, my grand parents had to change their name(now my name) to wagner because when they were in poland if they didn`t change their name the nazis would of killed them. I`m actually half italien, half polish(side that lived in poland). If you are beginning to play either the piano or guitar then come on my profile every once and a while to view/hear music to help you start i.e. scales, simple songs, etc... By the way all midi files have bad quality cause they were computer generated.
I`m interested in music, technology, home renevation, computer science and sports. The only thing about sports is that i really hate to watch any sport (except for monster truck freestyle/racing) on t.v. I still like to play roller hockey and touch (because i`m really small) football. The genres of music i listen to may be a reason why kids think i'm weird. I like to listen to literally any type of music other than rap, hip-hop, techno, electro, house, bigband, jazz, etc... On the other hand i do listen to all types of rock, blues, classical, baroque(basically the same thing as classical), heavy metal, hard rock, etc...

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Nikolas Wagner Rock Guitar C Scale Guitar Duet  13850 7 years ago

rider13's Drum Riffs

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The Wickid Looping Drums  The Black Shadow (My Band) No comments yet

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From myself, rider13, all the midi files suck in quality because they are not recorded they are computer generated
7 years ago

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