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aka Sarah Vancil
Member Since: 16 Jan 2007
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Date of birth : 15 Apr 1995
Age : 19 yrs
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About Me
* Love never has a happy ending because TRUE love never ends

*Love is life. And if you miss love you miss life

*The greatest thing you`ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return

*Passion is knowing what you want & stoping at NOTHING untill you get it
in my room floor soaked with my tears
I think to myself blaming myself for everything
Tears coming down my face
Splotches of blood on the floor
"I`m a mistake" "You don`t belong!" things keep running through my head
I go to school, hide my cuts
Everybody sees, everybody wonders, nobody asks
Walking through the halls hearing the whispering sounds around me
Yet again they talk about me
Am I even normal?
No never! I hear screaming in my head!
I fall to my knees cover my face as tears slowly come
Why is this happening? What is wrong with me?
I suddenly feel helpless, I suddenly feel alone!
I take a razor stick it to myself yet people staring at me as my life slowly starts to fade away...

~*~My Name Is Sarah~*~
My name is Sarah
I am but three
My eyes are swollen
I cannot see

(kinda a poem some not true)

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Scars - Papa Roach
2 me this song is talking about: A change that has taken place in this person and now he finds himself looking back at the past and on the brink of a bright new future. And he realizes that he's cared so much for people and that's the very reason that he's had such tragedy. "My scars remind me that the past is real" And just when he's ready to try again, he is reminded of his scars and how he has been so open hearted but has also been used, abused, and left out like trash. Now he's ready to do his thing, he has spent the greater part of his life living for other people, trying to fix others, and bleeding for the faith of others. And now he learned the following: That people are needy and they'll suck your life away, that you can't help what chooses not to be helped, and that the only way you can surely help people is by getting on with your own life until you can give back to them from a distance.

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nothing,just came back 4rm da beach(if u eva go to galvinston texas don't swim der,ders alot of trash.i recommend south padre island.),i can't belive summer is almost over!!!!!school over here start in da 27 of august.
can't wait 2 see my friends.
so how you doing?
7 years ago

Hey guys watz ^?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
7 years ago

LUCKY!!!!lol!at least u get to do someting FUN i'm trapped here at home forced to see nothing but reruns on my couch,and for each passing second to get fatter and fatter by eating month old pizza and drinking Coca Cola mixed with Orange juice.
(sorry lame humor):P
7 years ago

omg!me too! (talking about ur picture)
hey,havent heard from u in a wile so wats new?
7 years ago

oh good!lol!
7 years ago

Wow! You're poem's pretty cool.
7 years ago

i give ur picture a +10 i hope u didnt change it because i said you looked pretty!lol!
7 years ago

Thats hilarious. Muffins are pretty awesome, but i guess muffin tops are just gross, especially if its a really fat lady that just got drenched in a short white shirt at the water park, and you can see straight through it. Blah!! ><
7 years ago

Awesome poem. Its kinda dark and evilish. lol but in a good way. i really like it.
7 years ago

Wow, your profile is very unique. In a good way.
7 years ago

Hi!! Thanks for the friend request!! I love making new friends!!

I like your poem, by the way!!

How are you??
7 years ago

ur welcome.
7 years ago

Heck no,ur actually really beutyfull(don't worry im not lesbian or a guy!).i just wanted 2 ask first before i said anything.
7 years ago

yes, i know i'm ugly!
7 years ago

ur welcome,
by da way is dat you in ur picture?

7 years ago

I just wanted to say ur poem is really deep,i really like it.i tried 2 do poems but den 4 some reason i talked about cheese!ha,ha,ha!!!lol!i mostly draw some say im good at it.but i just do it 2 relese my stress.
7 years ago

Another awesome poem. I think the other one was beeter but this one owns to.
7 years ago

just accepted u as a fruend. np. it really was a good poem.
7 years ago

That's a beatiful poem. Kind of sad though. I like it. Your a good poet.
7 years ago

I need more friend on this site!!!!
7 years ago


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