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I love piano and music is my lifeeee:))))

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In the End
by Linkin Park
for Piano 

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Could you please send me the music sheet for this In the end version? I'm looking for it everywhere!
5 years ago

I hope its not too much of a hassel but is it ok if you send me the piano sheet music for "in the end"?

I would sincerely appreciate it!

5 years ago

Hi there, I've noticed that you've gotten tons of posts asking if you could e-mail In The End to someone. Well, I hope this isn't too much trouble for you, haha but i was just wondering if you could send the music to ME as well?
5 years ago

Hey! You posted the song ''In The End'' by linking park a while ago and that's exactly the version I'm looking for.
Can you send it to me, please? I would really appreciate that.
Thank you!

Just reeply to tell me if you will send it, and I'll give you my email address.
5 years ago

Hey could please send me the sheet music for In The End?

My e-mail is

Thank You!
6 years ago

hello :D hey can you help me finding the music " The Artifact and living " of donnie darko for piano pleaseee ! i cant find it :S if you find it PLEASE send it to
6 years ago


Hey sesinka,
how are you? ( I'm from Germany so my english isn't very good)^^
i play the piano too, but i like the rock and modern music so it's difficult to find good songs...
i would thank you sooooooo much if you could send me the sheet on my mail:

please send me the sheets... ^^

bye gReeZ FInn

6 years ago

Hi! Can you send me the piano sheet "in the end" to thanks
6 years ago

i feel the same way about music. but i am more of a song and singer.
6 years ago

hi wats up??!!can u send me the sheet music of "in the end" pls pls pls this is my email id
7 years ago

can u send me the sheet music also please?
my email is
7 years ago

FYI...if you listen close you can tell that this has multiple recordings on it...she doens't have 3's cool though...
7 years ago

can u please send me the sheets with this beautiful music:
7 years ago

i forgot 2 mention my email is
7 years ago

please PLEASE SEND ME THIS SONGS SHEET MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 years ago

7 years ago

Could you please, please, please, send me the In The End sheet music. You play it sooooooooooo beautifully! My email is
7 years ago

wow...that was beautiful
do you have the sheet music for it? do you think you could send it to me?
please and thank yous
7 years ago

hey that was really good...can u send me the sheet music???

7 years ago

i just lissened to "in the end" can u send me the sheets please!!!

u play so amazing love it !!!!!

thankx :D
7 years ago

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