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  • Classical Scores, Mp3s and Midi files by members

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      josh821 Doodle No 1   Piano
      josh821 Prelude No 5   Piano
      josh821 Prelude No 4   Piano
      josh821 Prelude No 3 'D'   Piano
      josh821 Prelude No 2   Piano
      josh821 Prelude No 1   Piano
      lyricsopran Wind and Water   Flute
      timerick Sabre Dance - individual parts   Wind Band
      timerick Sabre Dance   Wind Band
      timerick Double Eagle II Concert March - Individu...   Wind Band
      timerick Double Eagle II Concert March   Wind Band
      audiophilic Pavane in G-D major   Piano
      audiophilic Bellus   Piano
      PhilipHowie Reflections   Flute
      audiophilic Melancholy Etude   Piano
      audiophilic Primavera Mezzogiorno   Piano
      audiophilic Twilight Overture   Piano
      Kinga Expectations   Piano and Vocal
      musicchild I Wish You Were With Me   String orchestra
      designbox91 winds   Wind Quintet

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    Busiest Members in Classical
      Repoulis(63 pieces)
      stephenlines(62 pieces)
      John-Lewis-Grant(57 pieces)
      The-Amazing-Musician(47 pieces)
      DavidMoffitt(44 pieces)
      timerick(40 pieces)
      xorys(39 pieces)
      ScottishWildcat(37 pieces)
      Allewis55(35 pieces)
      stve13(33 pieces)

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