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  • Classical Scores, Mp3s and Midi files by members

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      oboistfrk String Quartet Number 1 in C Minor -1st...   String Quartet
      Bef15 Basic Diddles   Marching Band
      Maxmillian Prelude in E   Piano
      xorys Sonata Op2 No1 for Flute & Piano   Flute
      Peter_V Largo from the Four Seasons - Winter   Recorder
      Exen Battle Of Hurtgen Forest   Orchestra
      Michael_Hawley Waltzes from the opera Faust    Piano
      Michael_Hawley Gnomenreigen   Piano
      Michael_Hawley Legend of St Francis of Paulo, Walking o...   Piano
      Michael_Hawley Tarantella di Bravura, aus Die Stumme vo...   Piano
      Michael_Hawley Goyescas: 2. Los Requiebros    Piano
      Michael_Hawley Nocturne in C, op.48 no.1   Piano
      Michael_Hawley Etude No. 3 in A-flat, from Trois Nouvel...   Piano
      Michael_Hawley Chamber Fantasy on Bizet's Carmen    Piano
      Michael_Hawley Prelude, Fugue & Allegro in Eb (orig. fo...   Piano
      Michael_Hawley Prelude & Fugue BWV 892   Piano
      Michael_Hawley Prelude 11 in Eb   Piano
      Michael_Hawley Prelude And Fugue BWV 543   Piano
      Michael_Hawley Fugue BWV 874   Piano
      yakko8 Tongue Twisters   Mixed Ensemble

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    Most Popular Scores in Classical
    • Merry go round of... by   hamsteREX
    • Canon in C - My S... by   krizjaz
    • Canon in D by   DavidMof..
    • Sonata No. 11 In ... by   Maxmillian
    • Largo from the Fo... by   Peter_V
    • Chaconne by   Revoluti..
    • Claire de Lune by   stephy_r..
    • Canon in C by   krizjaz
    • Cannon in D by   vittorio..
    • Sleeping Beauty by   spinks
    Busiest Members in Classical
      Repoulis(63 pieces)
      stephenlines(60 pieces)
      John-Lewis-Grant(57 pieces)
      The-Amazing-Musician(47 pieces)
      DavidMoffitt(44 pieces)
      timerick(40 pieces)
      xorys(39 pieces)
      ScottishWildcat(37 pieces)
      Allewis55(35 pieces)
      stve13(33 pieces)

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