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  • Classical Scores, Mp3s and Midi files by members

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      clarkcaleb5454 Day After Day   Trumpet
      stve13 Sonata da chiesa 10 for 'Cello   Full Score
      stve13 Sonata da chiesa 3 for Trumpet   Full Score
      stve13 The Prayer of St. Francis (SATB)   Full Score
      stve13 The Prayer of St. Francis (solo voice)   Full Score
      Branson Trio a Flauti Traversi - Transcribed for...   Trumpet Trio
      stve13 Organ Variations   Organ
      stve13 Toccata   Piano
      stve13 Nocturne   Piano
      stve13 Theme and Variations   Piano
      stve13 Sonata Celtica   Piano
      Branson Two Part Invention #1   Trumpet
      Patrick_B_McArdle P. Sonata 2nd Mvt   Piano
      sh3rry Intermezzo from First Suite in Eb   Clarinet-Cello Duet
      clarkcaleb5454 Dragon Back   Trumpet
      Patrick_B_McArdle Piano Sonata   Piano
      idahopunk101 Untitled   Treble Clef Instrument
      fofif Lua de Ouro   Piano
      mccristo Stabat Mater for Saxophone Octet   Saxophone Quartet
      Owen_da_pianist "Vivaldi Double" for String Quintet   String quintet

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    • Canon in C by   krizjaz
    • Sleeping Beauty by   spinks
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      Repoulis(63 pieces)
      John-Lewis-Grant(57 pieces)
      stephenlines(55 pieces)
      The-Amazing-Musician(47 pieces)
      DavidMoffitt(44 pieces)
      timerick(40 pieces)
      xorys(39 pieces)
      ScottishWildcat(37 pieces)
      Allewis55(35 pieces)
      stve13(33 pieces)

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