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  • Traditional & Folk Scores, Mp3s and Midi files by members

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      hegyhati Megy a gozos Kanizsara   Voice
      hegyhati De szeretnek hajnalcsillag lenni   Voice
      Branson Trumpet Duet / Star-Spangled Banner   Trumpet Duet
      amir_kham3 Maah Pishanoo   Violin
      B-Romo how to play -- Flamenco -- guitarschool ...   Guitar
      hegyhati Szekely himnusz   Voice
      dlockeretz Auld Lang Syne   Vocal Score
      Allewis55 Soldier'sSong   Guitar
      DavidMoffitt Orange Blossom Wranglers   Folk Band
      DavidMoffitt Memory Waltz Special Dave   Folk Band
      DavidMoffitt Sally Goodin   Folk Band
      DavidMoffitt Bile Em Cabbage Down   Folk Band
      DavidMoffitt Sailors Hornpipe   Folk Band
      DavidMoffitt Devils Dream   Folk Band
      DavidMoffitt Red Haired Boy   Folk Band
      DavidMoffitt Soldier's Joy   Folk Band
      DavidMoffitt Kentucky Waltz   Folk Band
      DavidMoffitt Cajun Fiddle   Folk Band
      DavidMoffitt Bayou Pon Pon   Folk Band
      DavidMoffitt Orange Blossom Special    Violin

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    Busiest Members in Traditional & Folk
      hegyhati(38 pieces)
      dlockeretz(31 pieces)
      DavidMoffitt(22 pieces)
      amungai(19 pieces)
      stephenlines(17 pieces)
      RTrought(16 pieces)
      muse_ishan(10 pieces)
      Branson(9 pieces)
      paulvanross(8 pieces)
      BarbaraG(8 pieces)

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