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Did you know the clarinet was Mozart's favorite instrument? Well, of course you should know! Who doesn't like the clarinet? *stares at whoever is reading this* What's that you say? Trumpet is better? *blows highest g on clarinet in their face*

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you are quite ignorant you clarinet playing squidward.
7 years ago

So i just wanted to comment you on your comment about the trumpet being easier than clarinet. That is not true. But a true stereotype would disagree, like you. No offense or anything. I just wanted to let you know that, yes, it is easy to pick up a trumpet and play a little. With trumpet playing it is basically summed up in one sentence. "The trumpet is easy to play, but hard to master." Unlike the clarinet, it isn't to hard to be fairly decent. Just thought i would let you know.
7 years ago

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