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Hey there. Spinks and I are two very different people. For example, I am a woman. He is woman-like. Sorry Spinks, I couldn't resist.

Well, Sprinks wrote me to ask why you deleted him as your friend but it looks like all is well in tim/spinks-land.

6 years ago

Hello Mr. Pretty LOL uuuhhh ya ok well i will just leave this comment on your um thing so yup i am happy lol
6 years ago

Yeah I see what you mean. Flutesrthebest is a real troublemaker and I would not trust her to boil water, much less be my friend on

She got problems with that down in the junk drawer. Me too.
6 years ago

If you are going to be friends with spinks then we should probably be buds.

What's your sign? I'm the year of the monkey style. I like walks on the beach and all-you-can-eat buffets that don't taste like dumps.

6 years ago

Account Closed
How nice of you to respond, with the name of a flutist I've never heard of and one (Wion) I have.

Now, having pronounced those two (not exactly house-hold names), would you like to tell me just what kind of flute Paula Robison, Susan Milan, Marina Picinnini, James Galway, Ransom Wilson, the late William Kincaid, Maurice Sharpe, Donald Peck, James Pappoutsakis, James Pellerite, thelate Jean-Pierre Rampal ..... and on and on and on PLAY ?? French model, low B -- or "student" model: Plateau, "c". ??

ASK of THEM (who are still alive). NOT ME. Unlike you teen-agers', I trust and depend upon what PROFESSIONAL FLUTISTS play. End of argument.
7 years ago

Hello there,

From reading your posts I see you are a virtuoso flutist.

Can we be friends?

Take care,
7 years ago

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